Run Like The Wind!

Thanks, Sarai! ;-)
Thanks, Sarai! 😉

Okay, more like ‘run into the wind until your eyes stream with tears’ but I did it. Another run down, followed by 20 minutes of fabulous yoga stretching.

I’m having such a good time getting back to exercise the way I used to. Indeed it changes the shape of my whole day, either knowing I have exercise to come, or that I’ve already down 45-60 mins worth of exercise.

My goals are small for the moment, I just want to be sure that I do at least 30 mins every day, be that on the Wii or out and about. That should enable me to get my 10,000 steps in while keeping me in the habit.

You know that ache in my muscles I used to talk about after a good workout? Well that’s back. Never thought I’d be so pleased to be in pain, lol. I can move far freer than usual and my flexibility is back too. Getting my hands flat to the floor with straight legs is my mini goal, but I can already tuck my fingers under my toes as far as the first knuckle, so I’m back to where I was before. Which is nice.

Bathroom Scales
Credit: tom

Tomorrow I have my next Slimming World weigh in. I’m actually really excited about it (weird, right?) but I have the same good feeling about this week as I did last week. And, I don’t know if I told you, but last week (so the week following new year) I lost 7lbs. So that recovers the 4.5lbs I put on over Christmas and then some. ^_^ I’ll take that!

Only 4lbs until my 2.5 stone award. Which I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally want! Wish me luck!

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Back To Basics

Yep. It really is back to basics in terms of exercise. All last week I made sure to spend at least 20 minutes on the Wii Fit. Mostly yoga, but I also added a smattering of muscle and balance exercises. It’s not much, but it’s more than I was doing before and I’ve already seen an improvement in my balance and stride.

Me in my gym gear
Remember this outfit? ^_^

Then, this morning . . .

Yes! Back out in the wide world, not at the gym, but running! ^_^

It’s been so long—nearly a year—since I did a few laps of the park, but it felt so GOOD! I’m back on Couch to 5k, and I’m not crazy, so I’ve gone right back to week one of the podcast (I wasn’t kidding about back to basics), which alternates 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking.

It was tough, I won’t lie, but the whole time, I kept reminding myself that this time last year, I was running for a full half hour. That kept me going and, towards the end, I barely noticed the 60 seconds passing. It makes me hopeful for the next few weeks. Imagine, by my birthday, I’ll back to 30 minute runs. Talk about an awesome birthday present!

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The Benefits of Personal Training

Today I had a consultation with one of the personal trainers at my gym. His name is Umar and he’s a six foot fellah with broad shoulders, a tiny waist and a bit of a cheeky grin. He’s also very, very good.

He approached me last week and said he’d like to talk to me about what I’m doing on the machines and, of course, I agreed. Earlier this week he showed me one of his clients and explained that he could give me a free consultation to talk about what he offers, how he works and what he could do for me in terms of fitness and body transformation.

. . . well, you know I’m all over that sort of thing, right?

So today, in I go and spend a good 40 minutes with him, doing a mini version of one of his full sessions. Lunges, squats, tricep-pully-things (can’t remember the actual name) and pull ups (fuck, that was tough!). I’m sitting here now, feeling the ache across my thighs, knowing that what I did in those 30 mins (the last ten was us chatting about prices and meal plans) was far more effective than the entire 90 mins I spent in that place on Monday.

So, personal training; what does it give you, just from what I saw today?

  • One on one, tailored support and exercise plans.
  • Encouragement and support (the amount of times I thought I had to stop doing those pull ups and yet I got to the end).
  • Accountability (not only do I know that there’s someone else waiting for me at the gym each session, but there is a cost involved too)
  • Structure (someone who knows what they’re doing in place to offer advise on reps, sets and weights is bloody helpful)
  • Measurable inputs and outputs (Umar’s meal plans all have weighed food and he ensures clients have before/after photos to look at)

So . . . yeah. All in all, the idea of a personal trainer is very attractive to me. Previous to this, I had thought that PTs were only for celebrities or other otherwise rich folk and I won’t deny that cost is a major factor here. But the fact that he and the other trainers frequent my local gym means that they are always accessible and not as aloof as I may otherwise have considered.

Basically, this is something I need to do a lot of thinking about, because it isn’t cheap. On top of finding the money to use the gym in the first place, this would be an additional wedge of cash to book the sessions. Balance that with my up and down relationship with food (more on that another time) I’ll have to think long and hard about whether or not this is something I can pursue.

For now however, the knee-jerk reaction is, ‘hell yes, that would be a great thing to try.’

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2016 Week Four Complete


Today I did another hour in the pool.
Today, I swam that hour with a blue and white Tesco bag on my head.
Finding a swimming cap to fit my locs is a joke (!!!) and I’ve ended up having to order one from a company in Australia. AUSTRALIA! They’re the only place I could find decent reviews and a real live person review for (a woman at the pool, with locs longer and thicker than mine, uses the same product). *sigh*
Talk about a gap in the market. Anyway, I’ve decided, if I can manage it, I’ll swim twice a week until I get my cap and then up it to three times a week. In the mean time, the bag actually does a pretty good job of keeping my hair dry.
1,050m today. So chuffed. ^_^


Right. Something needs to change. My back is killing! No idea what’s going on, but when I finish my runs these days I’m virtually crippled for a day and a half hours. Hmm. Who should I talk to? Still, I’m pleased that I did the run. Another of the CT5K+ ones (Stepping Stone again) and a pretty consistent 2.79 miles (4.5 km). I’ll hit that 5 km soon. I’m soooo close, I can almost taste it. Maybe that should be this month’s goal? To push that little bit harder and see if I can make the 5 km? Heh, we’ll see.


Reeeeeeeeeeeeest! I have no idea what is up with my back/hip but I think a day off anything strenuous will help. Meanwhile I’m researching what’s up with that. Oh, though today was my Get Healthy meet with Deepa. We’re both thrilled at the progress I’m making and her scales clock me at 115.9 kg. Not bad right? 😉 Can’t wait to see what the scales say tomorrow.


I’m injured!!! *whimper* No idea what I’ve done between now and yesterday, but my ankle is killing and walking on it is painful. Running is out of the question. Hopefully I’ll be able to cycle to the pool tomorrow, but at this point, it doesn’t much feel like it. 😦 Oh, my check in is complete too. Disappointing, but let’s move on.


This isn’t looking good. Walking on my ankle is really painful and other parts of my body aren’t playing along. I may have to write this week off. o.O


I was right. This week is a bust. I’m in bed. I have been all day. I don’t think tomorrow is going to be any better. Boy, oh, boy when I get ill I get ill. 😦


Still in bed. Managed to fill the slow cooker with some food and hang some clothes out to dry. Way more than yesterday but still I’m begging for my bed. I have to be at least semi functional tomorrow as the other half is back at work. *sigh* Oh well, duvet day it is. I have no idea what next week is going to be like for exercise, but I’ll update as usual regardless. Who knows, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow spritely and energetic. Pffft!

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2016 Week Three (ending 17/01/16)


20160111_075134.jpgGym! Again, really not feeling it. Even though I managed some rowing and elliptical, I’m really only there for the weight machines now. Hmm. 20160111_075847.jpgReally is time to mix it up because I’m enjoying the fact that I’m a runner now and I don’t want that to slip away. Maybe I could look more into the classes that my membership offers? I know there’s a Legs, Bums and Tums sort of thing on Wednesdays as well as a cardio something or other on Thursdays. Whatever it is I do, I don’t want to waste the last three months of membership I have, but I do still want to run. Heh, talk about first world problems!


Another run down. This was my third go at the ‘Stepping Stone’ podcast on CT5K+ and though it wasn’t as easy as Sunday’s I still did pretty good. Only 0.1 miles off my previous best so I can’t have done that badly. Though I did have breakfast before I ran: that does seem to make a difference. Oh, and I that pain across my left hip is back. It’s definitely to do with running, so I need to figure out what’s wrong with my form/posture/style/technique so I can nip it in the bud. I’m enjoying running far too much to stop now. Tomorrow—all being well—Legs, Bums and Tums! ^_^


Legs, Bums and Tums . . . aaaaah, no. -_- Just didn’t work out in the end. Too much other stuff going on and little kiddie winkles to be looked after. No worries, I’ll make it up tomorrow.


A run in the morning, boy that was tough. I decided to try a new 5k+ podcast today. I did the ‘Speed’ one. 20 minutes of interval running, alternating between 165 bpm and 150 bpm. Ugh, I about died! But I’ll defo be doing it again: I really enjoyed the faster bits (even when certain I was going to pitch and hit my face o.O). Aaah yes, and check in done too. Looking good! ^_^


Today I swam 950m. ^_^ And, if I’m to believe what my vivo tells me, then sweating at the gym can fuck right off! According to my vivo, that hour in the pool burned 1184 calories. o.O I dunno if I believe that, but my most intense gym work out has barely made half of that. And, regardless of whether or not I believe the figures, I feel AMAZING right now. My arms have a pleasant ache in them, as do my legs, but my body knows it’s been worked quite hard at a low, manageable intensity. If I can manage to get a swimming hat that fits all my hair, I’ll happily do that three times a week. ^_^


Not quite an intentional rest day, but probably a much needed one. I could have squeezed in a run this morning, but I’ll do it tomorrow instead. That way things are spaced out much better and I still get the all important slower days that my body needs to recover.


Snow. I hate snow. -_- Not much of it but enough to complete cover the route I use for my park runs. Really wish I’d gone yesterday now, as I can’t see where I’m going to fit the run in today. Darn it. I Need to do better at fitting these runs in: I’ve come so far and done so well, I really don’t want to lose the level of fitness I’m at through inactivity and poor planning. Next week. Next week will be better!

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Couch To 5k – Week Nine, Run Three

Ha! First of all, happy new year. Welcome to 2016, where all sorts of good things can and will happen to and for you. Hope you’ve had as pleasant a day as I have.

First post of the new year I’m thrilled to say that I’m now a Couch to 5K graduate! I completed my third run of the week, made 2.48 miles in 30 mins which brings me to the end of the course. Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa!

Even better, I bumped into the Park Run crowd, which meant I got to see their route, their organisation and chat with some of the volunteers and runners that do it. In short, I’m thrilled at the idea I’ll be able to do a race type thing like that, but I’ll have to work around it because it currently clashes with my writing group. When I get to the point at which I can actually make 5k in 30 minutes (or less) I’ll probably be able to fit it in, get home, wash, eat and head out. Maybe.

But . . . for now, the thing I want to say most is:

Couch To 5k: Week Nine, Run Three: Complete

Couch To 5k Course: Complete!

Also, I want to give thanks to all the folk that stopped by to leave a comment on Wednesday. It really did help pick me up when I was down and sent me out today in a far better mood. I was able to hold my head high and be proud that I was running, never mind that the Park Run crowd were zipping past me, never mind that I felt slow. I was running and I’m talking positive steps, on my own, to achieve the healthy body and lifestyle I’ve always said I wanted for myself.

After all, ‘No matter how slow you go, you’re lapping everyone still on the couch.’ 😉

That’s what I want and only through slow improvement/change (like I’ve already demonstrated) will I make it there.


Now! Since it’s the new year, it’s time to give this blog a bit of a switch up. I’m not longer going to be posting every day I do a bit of exercise. My aim is to do something every day, even if it’s just a brisk walk or a bit of Wii Yoga. Instead, I’ll do a ‘week’s round up’ or something similar, every Sunday and then, on Friday or Thursday do my ‘Check In’ post with all my stats. That way I won’t overload you, or myself with posts about the same old thing.

So . . . catch you next Thursday! ^_^

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Couch To 5k – Week Nine, Run Two

-_- Not as good a run today. Sure, I made a good distance and felt comfortable throughout, but it didn’t feel the same. I was doing fine right up until the point that I hit one of the long straight stretches up the side of the park. Then this guy in a big jacket walked past me.

He walked past me.

How the hell slow was I going?! It threw off the rest of the run for me and put me in a really foul mood. I couldn’t get beyond the horrible feeling that I wasn’t pushing hard enough and that I’m too slow.

At this stage of the game—early in my running career—I know it’s far more important that I spend the time running,than doing so at speed, but that . . . that ruined it for me. I felt inadequate and ridiculous. I spent the last 15 minutes alternating between too fast to maintain and too slow because I was so busy thinking about it.

Couch To 5k: Week Nine, Run Two: Complete

Guess it didn’t help that I was quite distracted this morning. I’m still really tired and though taking the iron supplements seems to be helping, I’m still struggling to get up in the mornings and to sleep well at night.

Tonight I’m going to try heading off to bed far sooner than usual and sleeping all the way through. Perhaps that will make a difference when the morning comes around. We’ll see. That’s all I can do.

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