About Me

My name is Leah though I’ll often refer to myself as ‘Da Shared Brain’ or DSB across this blog.


You may know me across the internet as a whole heap of other names, but mostly I appear as Ileandra Young and Raven ShadowHawk. I make the occasional appearance on their blog, but I thought it was about time I had something for myself, so I decided to start blogging about my experiences using the gym.

I’ve never really used a gym beyond a brief foray into treadmills while at university. That was long enough ago now *cough-cough* that I can’t really count it any more. Technology (and my own body) has changed enough that everything about the experience is different.

I have been referred by my GP and I now have six months free use of the city gyms in my area. My plan is to post whenever I’ve been, or whenever I’ve done something particularly exercisy (now it’s a word . . . don’t complain).

This blog is intended, mostly as a diary for me to chart progress, but if you have any comments to make I’ll be pleased to hear them.

Thanks peeps. ^_^

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