Conversations With The Funk Master #003

I talk quite candidly with my other half. Don’t we all? Anyway, we often have conversations about what I’m doing, how I’m getting on and how they make me feel.

This series of posts will share some of those conversations with you, 1) because they’re funny and 2) because, in years to come, I want to remember how awesome and supportive he has been.

Let’s go:

Scene: He’s getting ready to head up, wrapped up for the cold weather. I’ve just come out the shower and I’m parading in a towel.

Me: Does my breath smell?

TFM: Wooooah!

*TFM ducks well out of reach*

TFM: Does it what?

Me: Does my breath smell? Come back, you need to be close to smell it. Come on, come here. *breathes hard* Well? Does it?

TFM: Um, not overly. Not, like, minty or anything. Why?

Me: One of the questions on that Facebook group I’m part of asks ‘when you’re losing weight, where does all the fat go?’ A lot of the answers say ‘you breathe it out’ but then your breath should smell. I want to know if my breath smells.

TFM: Um . . . that sounds like . . . it’s not true.

Me: I dunno. Maybe it’s not, but it’s a good question. Where does the fat go? I’m going to Google it.

TFM: Right. Okay, well you know what I think?

Me: What?

TFM: Don’t worry about it.

Me: No?

TFM: Your breath doesn’t smell and you’re doing just fine.

Me: I guess so. K . . . okay, see you later.

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