Run Like The Wind!

Thanks, Sarai! ;-)
Thanks, Sarai! 😉

Okay, more like ‘run into the wind until your eyes stream with tears’ but I did it. Another run down, followed by 20 minutes of fabulous yoga stretching.

I’m having such a good time getting back to exercise the way I used to. Indeed it changes the shape of my whole day, either knowing I have exercise to come, or that I’ve already down 45-60 mins worth of exercise.

My goals are small for the moment, I just want to be sure that I do at least 30 mins every day, be that on the Wii or out and about. That should enable me to get my 10,000 steps in while keeping me in the habit.

You know that ache in my muscles I used to talk about after a good workout? Well that’s back. Never thought I’d be so pleased to be in pain, lol. I can move far freer than usual and my flexibility is back too. Getting my hands flat to the floor with straight legs is my mini goal, but I can already tuck my fingers under my toes as far as the first knuckle, so I’m back to where I was before. Which is nice.

Bathroom Scales
Credit: tom

Tomorrow I have my next Slimming World weigh in. I’m actually really excited about it (weird, right?) but I have the same good feeling about this week as I did last week. And, I don’t know if I told you, but last week (so the week following new year) I lost 7lbs. So that recovers the 4.5lbs I put on over Christmas and then some. ^_^ I’ll take that!

Only 4lbs until my 2.5 stone award. Which I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally want! Wish me luck!

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