The Benefits of Personal Training

Today I had a consultation with one of the personal trainers at my gym. His name is Umar and he’s a six foot fellah with broad shoulders, a tiny waist and a bit of a cheeky grin. He’s also very, very good.

He approached me last week and said he’d like to talk to me about what I’m doing on the machines and, of course, I agreed. Earlier this week he showed me one of his clients and explained that he could give me a free consultation to talk about what he offers, how he works and what he could do for me in terms of fitness and body transformation.

. . . well, you know I’m all over that sort of thing, right?

So today, in I go and spend a good 40 minutes with him, doing a mini version of one of his full sessions. Lunges, squats, tricep-pully-things (can’t remember the actual name) and pull ups (fuck, that was tough!). I’m sitting here now, feeling the ache across my thighs, knowing that what I did in those 30 mins (the last ten was us chatting about prices and meal plans) was far more effective than the entire 90 mins I spent in that place on Monday.

So, personal training; what does it give you, just from what I saw today?

  • One on one, tailored support and exercise plans.
  • Encouragement and support (the amount of times I thought I had to stop doing those pull ups and yet I got to the end).
  • Accountability (not only do I know that there’s someone else waiting for me at the gym each session, but there is a cost involved too)
  • Structure (someone who knows what they’re doing in place to offer advise on reps, sets and weights is bloody helpful)
  • Measurable inputs and outputs (Umar’s meal plans all have weighed food and he ensures clients have before/after photos to look at)

So . . . yeah. All in all, the idea of a personal trainer is very attractive to me. Previous to this, I had thought that PTs were only for celebrities or other otherwise rich folk and I won’t deny that cost is a major factor here. But the fact that he and the other trainers frequent my local gym means that they are always accessible and not as aloof as I may otherwise have considered.

Basically, this is something I need to do a lot of thinking about, because it isn’t cheap. On top of finding the money to use the gym in the first place, this would be an additional wedge of cash to book the sessions. Balance that with my up and down relationship with food (more on that another time) I’ll have to think long and hard about whether or not this is something I can pursue.

For now however, the knee-jerk reaction is, ‘hell yes, that would be a great thing to try.’

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2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Personal Training

  1. Hiya,

    You’re speaking to the converted here. I have a Pilates PT every 14 days – yes, I agree it’s another expense, on top of membership, but as you’ve said, you get so much more out of the 1-2-1 experience. Not only that, it is worth it to me to keep my back in shape.

    I financed mine with Christmas and birthday money, and by spending less on other stuff. I’ve started drinking more water, and take my own bottle out and about with me. I buy less tea and coffee when I’m out…amazingly I can save around £8 a week by doing this…and I’ve shaved a bit off in other areas too. Still having cake once a week though! There has to treats.

    A friend of mine recently signed up to a course of sessions, Her PT takes her outside for running, and does boot camp style training. He has also devised a diet sheet for her, sends her a weekly shopping list, and she has to check in via email every other day with him. It’s really motivated her and given her a focus. She feels he is with her every step of the way.

    To get your cost down, have you considered perhaps doubling up? Sharing a PT with a friend. Around here that is popular, and the PT’s don’t see to mind. They just coach the two of you at once.

    Out of interest, how much are they charging you? My sessions are £28 each, if you buy them singularly, but I bought a block of 15 which got them down to £20 each, and then they added 2 for free.

    I have seven left, and think I’m going to have to turn to selling some of my junk on Ebay to finance the next round…

    Hope you can find a way, because they will be so much more beneficial.


    1. Cost is £40 per single session, but booking a block of twenty would get them down to £28. There’s also fancy things like money back guarantees and ‘installation payments’ (not sure that’s what he meant, but I know what he does mean) which is all fine and dandy. I Just have trouble seeing what else I can shave right now. I don’t have all that much to shave as it is, since I’m largely without an income.

      I think, yes, I would benefit but it’s worth me doing two things:
      -looking around for cheaper deals
      -making more of a solo effort beforehand.

      I’m learning that without some sort of accountability (accountabili-buddy!) I flag a whole lot more and much sooner. Knowing I was checking in with someone would make a lot of difference and mean that I’d probably get a lot more achieved in the time I have. It’s just that forever balancing act of what I can afford versus the long term payoff.


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