Check In: 13

Oooooookay. Back to normal with a faint flip to my schedule. Getting into town for my weigh in is a pain in the arse on a Thursday. So, these figures will now turn up on Sundays and I’ll use Thursday for my other posts.

So . . . here we go! Oh, and I did take these figures on Friday, but meh. Have them now.

Last Time This Time
Date 11 February 2016 04 March 2016
Time 10:07 am 01:41 pm
Weight 18st 5lb (116.8kg) 18st 5lb (116.7kg)
Height 5’7.3 (1.71m) 5’7.7 (1.72m)
BMI 39.5 39.4
Body Fat 44.7% 44.6%
Body Fat Mass 52.2kg 52.0kg

Rightyo. So, I’m right back where I was, having dumped that 2kg I was moping about when I last saw Deepa. I wish I had the figures from the weeks I was an unholy, chocolate scoffing mess, but never mind. At least now I know that I’ve been able to kinda-sorta pull things back under control.

Now to keep up the forward momentum and see if I can get past that hump I described way back. Yep. Feeling not positive exactly, but less desolate.

That’s a start, right?
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