A Slip Up Is Not The End

I’ll be honest, folks, I’m still incredibly down. Down, down, dooby-doo-down-down. šŸ˜¦ Later today I’ll be going to the hospital for a scan on my ankle to assess exactly what the damage is. After that I’ll know when I can get back to any sort of exercise schedule. I’ve no choice but to accept that for now, running is off the cards, but, after two mornings of swimming, I feel that I managed to achieveĀ somethingĀ last week.

But food is still where I’m losing.

Today, I’m going to see if fiddling with my mindset helps. What if I call the last couple of weeks a slip up? Or even the last month (giving myself the rest of February to recover from my funk)? What if those weeks are just a ‘slip up’ and after that, I’m back to normal.

Is it the end? Is it time for me to roll over, stop trying and just let all the progress I’ve made slip away?

No. No, no, no.

A slip up isĀ notĀ the end. I try to imagine it as a single road with occasional humps and pot holes. The road leads to the top of a hill and, at the top, is my goal.

I’m near the start of the road. The end is a long way away and from where I stand I can’t see all the humps and potholes. I know they’re there, but I don’t know when they’ll hit. The potholes are unexpected, they’re rough, bumpy and sometimes painful. Sometimes I even have to go back and walk around them. The humps are little jolts that raise me high enough to see the end of the road, then let me settle back onto my steady, upward road.

Yeah, it’s clichĆ©d, it’s corny, but we’ll see if it works. If this idea of a slip up being a temporary backtracking will help. I’m in a pothole right now. It’s a deep one, bumpier than others and rough on the knees (and ankles!) but if I can get out the other side, the road ahead will once more be smooth and clear. For a little while.


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