Check In: 10

Yes, I know. I missed my usual Sunday post. Sorry about that. Sick as a dog, busy as hell and barely keeping afloat with actual work at that point. No worries, I’m (largely) caught up now, so hopefully it’s back to our usual programming. 😉

Last Time This Time
Date 28 January 2016 04 February 2016
Time 09:52 am 10:27 am
Weight 18st 3lb (115.9kg) 18st 4lb (116.2kg)
Height 5’7.7 (1.72m) 5’7.3 (1.71m)
BMI 39.2 39.7
Body Fat 44.3% 42.4%
Body Fat Mass 51.3kg 49.2kg

Okay, it’s happening now. I can see from these numbers. Every time I start a new weight loss/management effort, this is where I get to. This magical number of 115/116 kg. I’ve, so far, never managed to drop below it. I’ve no idea why. Maybe this is the point that all the changes are internal and not so obvious on scales or body fat monitors. Maybe I just need to get past a hump or step things up a gear, but this is usually where the weight starts creeping back up.


Not this time. No. Not. This. Time.
I’ve worked too freakin hard to let it slip now.

I get the feeling that the next few weeks (months?) are going to feature a hella lotta ups and downs, along with me gnashing my teeth and generally getting pissed off with myself, the universe and everything in it, but I’m not giving up. Not this time. I will see that measurement drop into double figures before the year is out. And y’know what? Even if it takes me a year, I’m going to get there.

/angry self-motivational rant
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