Check In: 09

Well . . . I guess being sick as a dog, spending two days in bed and barely eating anything for half the week can do funny things to your body. o.O

Check this out:

Last Time This Time
Date 21 January 2016 28 January 2016
Time 10:04 am 09:52 am
Weight 18st 6lb (117.4kg) 18st 3lb (115.9kg)
Height 5’7.3 (1.71m) 5’7.7 (1.72m)
BMI 40.1 39.2
Body Fat 43.2% 44.3%
Body Fat Mass 50.6kg 51.3kg

I guess I should almost mention that though the measurements are all the same ones I usually get, it was a different machine. I doubt it would make that much difference, but the one in my usual Boots was out of paper, so I had to go into the other one five minutes away.

My ankle calmed down over the weekend, but of course, I’ve got the boys to look after in the mornings and walking to town today has apparently done me in. It hurts more than ever (I still have NO idea what I’ve done to it) and isn’t helped by my mega supportive Doc Martins either. My hip is easing off, but I’ve concluded that’s as much to do with my mattress as anything else.

So . . . I’m in a better mood than last week, but feeling really twitchy at the lack of exercise. Aside from some (very) gentle walking and a couple of short bursts on my bike to get around, I’ve done very little exercise this week. I don’t dare until I know what I’ve done to my ankle.

Guess I’d better head to the GP. -_-
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