2016 Week Four Complete


Today I did another hour in the pool.
Today, I swam that hour with a blue and white Tesco bag on my head.
Finding a swimming cap to fit my locs is a joke (!!!) and I’ve ended up having to order one from a company in Australia. AUSTRALIA! They’re the only place I could find decent reviews and a real live person review for (a woman at the pool, with locs longer and thicker than mine, uses the same product). *sigh*
Talk about a gap in the market. Anyway, I’ve decided, if I can manage it, I’ll swim twice a week until I get my cap and then up it to three times a week. In the mean time, the bag actually does a pretty good job of keeping my hair dry.
1,050m today. So chuffed. ^_^


Right. Something needs to change. My back is killing! No idea what’s going on, but when I finish my runs these days I’m virtually crippled for a day and a half hours. Hmm. Who should I talk to? Still, I’m pleased that I did the run. Another of the CT5K+ ones (Stepping Stone again) and a pretty consistent 2.79 miles (4.5 km). I’ll hit that 5 km soon. I’m soooo close, I can almost taste it. Maybe that should be this month’s goal? To push that little bit harder and see if I can make the 5 km? Heh, we’ll see.


Reeeeeeeeeeeeest! I have no idea what is up with my back/hip but I think a day off anything strenuous will help. Meanwhile I’m researching what’s up with that. Oh, though today was my Get Healthy meet with Deepa. We’re both thrilled at the progress I’m making and her scales clock me at 115.9 kg. Not bad right? 😉 Can’t wait to see what the scales say tomorrow.


I’m injured!!! *whimper* No idea what I’ve done between now and yesterday, but my ankle is killing and walking on it is painful. Running is out of the question. Hopefully I’ll be able to cycle to the pool tomorrow, but at this point, it doesn’t much feel like it. 😦 Oh, my check in is complete too. Disappointing, but let’s move on.


This isn’t looking good. Walking on my ankle is really painful and other parts of my body aren’t playing along. I may have to write this week off. o.O


I was right. This week is a bust. I’m in bed. I have been all day. I don’t think tomorrow is going to be any better. Boy, oh, boy when I get ill I get ill. 😦


Still in bed. Managed to fill the slow cooker with some food and hang some clothes out to dry. Way more than yesterday but still I’m begging for my bed. I have to be at least semi functional tomorrow as the other half is back at work. *sigh* Oh well, duvet day it is. I have no idea what next week is going to be like for exercise, but I’ll update as usual regardless. Who knows, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow spritely and energetic. Pffft!

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