2016 Week Three (ending 17/01/16)


20160111_075134.jpgGym! Again, really not feeling it. Even though I managed some rowing and elliptical, I’m really only there for the weight machines now. Hmm. 20160111_075847.jpgReally is time to mix it up because I’m enjoying the fact that I’m a runner now and I don’t want that to slip away. Maybe I could look more into the classes that my membership offers? I know there’s a Legs, Bums and Tums sort of thing on Wednesdays as well as a cardio something or other on Thursdays. Whatever it is I do, I don’t want to waste the last three months of membership I have, but I do still want to run. Heh, talk about first world problems!


Another run down. This was my third go at the ‘Stepping Stone’ podcast on CT5K+ and though it wasn’t as easy as Sunday’s I still did pretty good. Only 0.1 miles off my previous best so I can’t have done that badly. Though I did have breakfast before I ran: that does seem to make a difference. Oh, and I that pain across my left hip is back. It’s definitely to do with running, so I need to figure out what’s wrong with my form/posture/style/technique so I can nip it in the bud. I’m enjoying running far too much to stop now. Tomorrow—all being well—Legs, Bums and Tums! ^_^


Legs, Bums and Tums . . . aaaaah, no. -_- Just didn’t work out in the end. Too much other stuff going on and little kiddie winkles to be looked after. No worries, I’ll make it up tomorrow.


A run in the morning, boy that was tough. I decided to try a new 5k+ podcast today. I did the ‘Speed’ one. 20 minutes of interval running, alternating between 165 bpm and 150 bpm. Ugh, I about died! But I’ll defo be doing it again: I really enjoyed the faster bits (even when certain I was going to pitch and hit my face o.O). Aaah yes, and check in done too. Looking good! ^_^


Today I swam 950m. ^_^ And, if I’m to believe what my vivo tells me, then sweating at the gym can fuck right off! According to my vivo, that hour in the pool burned 1184 calories. o.O I dunno if I believe that, but my most intense gym work out has barely made half of that. And, regardless of whether or not I believe the figures, I feel AMAZING right now. My arms have a pleasant ache in them, as do my legs, but my body knows it’s been worked quite hard at a low, manageable intensity. If I can manage to get a swimming hat that fits all my hair, I’ll happily do that three times a week. ^_^


Not quite an intentional rest day, but probably a much needed one. I could have squeezed in a run this morning, but I’ll do it tomorrow instead. That way things are spaced out much better and I still get the all important slower days that my body needs to recover.


Snow. I hate snow. -_- Not much of it but enough to complete cover the route I use for my park runs. Really wish I’d gone yesterday now, as I can’t see where I’m going to fit the run in today. Darn it. I Need to do better at fitting these runs in: I’ve come so far and done so well, I really don’t want to lose the level of fitness I’m at through inactivity and poor planning. Next week. Next week will be better!

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