Check In: 07

A bit nervous following last week and knowing that my gym attendance has been a bit up and down. Let’s have a look:

Last Time This Time
Date 07 January 2016 14 January 2016
Time 11:03 am 10:26 am
Weight 18st 8lb (118.2kg) 18st 4lb (116.2kg)
Height 5’7.3 (1.71m) 5’7.7 (1.72m)
BMI 40.4 39.3
Body Fat 44.1% 42.4%
Body Fat Mass 52.1kg 49.2kg

Ha, y’know what? I think I’m just going to record these figures and stop analysing them, because that is a hell of a lot better than I ever anticipated. 2kg lost . . . in a week?! I know I’ve had a lot of soup and tea recently (mmm soup!) but I don’t think my eating habits have been that much better than usual (though certainly better than over Christmas—which isn’t hard).

I tell you something that is very different to last week though: sleep.

I’ve had LOADS of it this week. Consistently in bed by 10.30 pm every night since Sunday and often asleep before 11.15 pm. This is pretty much because I’ve stopped working come 8 pm and just settled down to enjoy a film on Netflix. And yet I’ve been more productive this last week than I have for weeks and I’ve woken up not wanting to murder anyone. I’ve actually been feeling pretty stable throughout the whole day rather than flagging by 3 pm.

Who knew, eh? :-p Sleep is good for you and promotes weight loss (don’t quote me on that)!

See you Sunday. x

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4 thoughts on “Check In: 07

  1. Sleep! it’s going to be the death of me. I have a strong feeling my sleep troubles have a lot to do with how little weight I lose. It’s definitely been proven to have a huge affect on both how our bodies recover (muscle repair) and affecting cortisol and other hormones that affect the metabolism. So good job mastering that! I’m working on it also 🙂


    1. ^_^ I certainly wouldn’t say I’ve mastered it, but I knew something had to change. It’s still tricky making myself get up from the sofa/leave the desk, but when I do, I feel a tonne better the following morning. So far, that’s my motivation.

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