2016 Week Two (ending 10/01/16)


Run around the park. First one using the Couch To 5k+ podcasts. That was tough, I mean reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally tough! I didn’t hold the pace anywhere near what I was meant to, but I think I was fractionally faster. I seemed to go further in less time. Apparently 150 beats per minute (bpm) is a good pace for me when running under my own guidance but 155 bpm is way too fast. Hmm. Guess that means I have something to work towards! 😉


Rest day. Didn’t even make my 10,000 steps. Ha! Oh well. Bring on tomorrow.


GYM! Weird being back there after so long. Boring actually. And for some reason my Vivo didn’t pick up the 15 minute (faster than ever before!) run I did on the treadmill. -_- Bit annoying. Aaah well. At least I got some weights in too.


Lots of running (not literally, by the way) up and down the hill into town but still didn’t make my 10,000 steps. Hmm. Much try harder. Check in done though.


SWIMMING! Hey, I can swim, who knew? I used to do a lot of it when I was younger, but aside from one mad aquafit session last year, I haven’t been in a pool for very many years. Today I swam breaststroke for 45 minutes. I paused occasionally (obviously!) but I was pretty consistent with it, including a few periods under water to remind myself what that feels like. Oh, there was also a (terrible) attempt at the front crawl. I’ll have to do better next week, but that was SO much fun. ^_^ Note to self, find a swimming hat that can hold my locs.


Another rest. Lots of marching around town but no real exercise. Hmm. Guess I’ll have to make it up tomorrow.


New PB! ^_^ Went for a run today using the Couch to 5K+ stuff and managed 2.8miles which, I believe is something like 4.5km. I’m getting closer to the goal. Nearly there! And, even better than that, I managed to keep up with the pace outlined by the podcast, even up to 160 bpm, which caused me lots of trouble before. I realised that taking shorter steps helps me hold onto the pace and that when I get comfortable with that, I can then take longer strides. So . . . all in all, I think it’s been a pretty good week! Now, I think, pancakes for lunch. Mmm. pancakes. *drools*

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