Check In: 06

First check in of the new year. I think those Pringles have finally caught up with me, lol!

Last Time This Time
Date 26 December 2015 07 January 2016
Time 5:11 pm 11:03 am
Weight 18st 10lb (119.0kg) 18st 8lb (118.2kg)
Height 5’7.3 (1.71m) 5’7.3 (1.71m)
BMI 40.7 40.4
Body Fat 43.0% 44.1%
Body Fat Mass 51.1kg 52.1kg

Hmm. A kilo of body fat has sneaked back in, there. Not that I’m too surprised (mmmmm PRINGLES! – though the offer is now 2 for £2.50 which isn’t as good, so I haven’t bought a pot since the last update).

So, can someone explain to me how my body fat mass has gone up, but my weight has dropped by almost a kilo. o.O

I don’t understaaaaaaaaaaaand!

Not that it matters. Downward trend. That’s what I’m wanting. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

My latest look. How am I doing?

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3 thoughts on “Check In: 06

  1. You’re doing well! Looking good, keep it going… 🙂

    If you exercise regularly as you are doing, your body shape changes. I once thought that muscle weighed heavier than fat but think it’s a myth. I am unsure about the scientific stuff.

    I was however, very recently told that controlling what you put in your mouth is 80% of the battle and exercise is the other 20 per cent.

    Why not gauge things by how your clothes fit?

    Red suits you by the way. 🙂


    1. I wonder if it’s something like that. I mean, I like to think that muscle weighs more, but the amount of working out I’m doing doesn’t account for the weight shifting in terms of muscle: I don’t think I’m building enough. I’m certainly not eating enough protein to build muscle in significant amounts.

      Regardless, I think that’s description of ‘the battle’ is totally right. Exercise is all well and good, but if I go home and stuff myself with chocolate after a bad day *ahem, let’s not talk about the weekend!* then it’s not going to do me any good.

      Additionally, I’ve been told time and time again that women should rely less on scales and more on how their clothes fit. So I’ll certainly be doing that going forward. I have an old coat I’m trying to get back into: when I can button it all the way again, I’ll know I’m happy with my size, no matter what the scales say. 😉


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