Couch To 5k – Week Nine, Run Two

-_- Not as good a run today. Sure, I made a good distance and felt comfortable throughout, but it didn’t feel the same. I was doing fine right up until the point that I hit one of the long straight stretches up the side of the park. Then this guy in a big jacket walked past me.

He walked past me.

How the hell slow was I going?! It threw off the rest of the run for me and put me in a really foul mood. I couldn’t get beyond the horrible feeling that I wasn’t pushing hard enough and that I’m too slow.

At this stage of the game—early in my running career—I know it’s far more important that I spend the time running,than doing so at speed, but that . . . that ruined it for me. I felt inadequate and ridiculous. I spent the last 15 minutes alternating between too fast to maintain and too slow because I was so busy thinking about it.

Couch To 5k: Week Nine, Run Two: Complete

Guess it didn’t help that I was quite distracted this morning. I’m still really tired and though taking the iron supplements seems to be helping, I’m still struggling to get up in the mornings and to sleep well at night.

Tonight I’m going to try heading off to bed far sooner than usual and sleeping all the way through. Perhaps that will make a difference when the morning comes around. We’ll see. That’s all I can do.

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6 thoughts on “Couch To 5k – Week Nine, Run Two

    1. ^_^ Thanks. I already feel a little better with some distance on the whole thing. Friday will be my next run, first run of a brand new year. I’m going to treat it as something totally new and unrelated to the previous one. Hopefully, I’ll just enjoy it.


  1. Hello, oh dear! Stop beating yourself up, and look at how far you’ve come? You’ve achieved so much in the last six months with exercise and diet etc

    Being tired will definitely affect your mood. I took iron tablets for years and years, and then they (the experts) found out I had pernicious anaemia, and needed regular B12 shots. Have you been tested for that? The tiredness is overwhelming, and no amount of iron tablets will sort it out. Not to mention all the other weird symptoms. Look them up on line and if you tick any boxes ask for a test. I’ll get off my soap box now about anaemia, I just want to help others who make be wrongly diagnosed, from years of concern, worry and tiredness.

    Don’t forget, all the other stuff you do too, apart from family, it all takes it’s toll, and yes, early nights do help a bit, if you can commit. I think some of us are just too curious about life and want to do everything, and get frustrated when we can’t read, write, exercise, watch movies, spend time with family etc We want it all!

    I’m not sure what the cure is for that.

    Say goodbye to 2015 knowing you have made lots of good changes to improve your health and wellbeing, and greet the new year with your usual bubbly enthusiasm and you’ll not go far wrong.

    Best wishes, and good luck with all your fitness goals!


    1. I haven’t been tested for anything for ages, actually. I keep meaning to go back to the Docs, but I’m not doing very well at remembering to call first thing in the morning. I need to do better though, as I’m sure there are other check ups I should have had, and haven’t yet.

      And you’re right. I do a lot of other things and the fact that I do this running lark at all is something I should be pleased about, right?

      I think the only resolution I’ll be making for the new year is more sleep. Active effort to get my eight hours and work from there. With everything else I seem to manage, sleep is the one thing that gets skipped off time and time again. It can’t be doing me any good.


  2. Oi! Stay positive!

    I can relate to the worry of being slow, but let it go. When I first started trying to run, I was always hung up on the same thing, which is why I could never run much further than a mile. When I learned (the now obvious revelation!) that halving my speed meant I could probably run at least twice as far, my whole perspective changed and I found I could start running for much longer and further.

    Only a few months ago you couldn’t run at all. Now you’re pushing on to 5K and beyond! Give yourself a pat on the back and keep running/walking/moving for a happy, healthy 2016.


    1. Ha, I should make an effort to remember that. This is week nice . . . so nice weeks ago I didn’t run at all. Couldn’t run. I remember that first week and the labourious, lung-searing 60 second bursts of running required by the podcast. I remember thinking I’d never make it through another 60 second block. Heh, 60 seconds.

      Any time I feel low I should just remember that feeling. How many seconds in 30 minutes?

      Thanks, dude. I salute you, master of the timely pep talks. ^_^ x


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