Couch To 5k – Week Nine, Run One

Is it nuts that I’m already thinking about my next training programme? I haven’t finished the C2K yet, but with two more runs to go before completion, I’m already thinking about improving my speed to reach that 5k within 30 minutes.

Today I ran for 31 minutes (couldn’t help but keep going until the end of the song) which was 2.65 miles according to my vivo. To reach 5k I’m not far off (according to the Google calculator I ran 4.26km). I’m stunned at how comfortable it was and how I only seemed to struggle with the uphill sections of the route. There aren’t many and they aren’t steep, but the incline does make a difference to my pace.

But the fact that I’m soooo close to the 5k is really encouraging as I thought I was nowhere near.

Couch To 5k: Week Nine, Run One: Complete

I wish I could take the camera on these runs. I know I’d have to stop running to take a shot, but it’s so beautiful out there. Today the sky was blue, purple and pink all along the tree line. The wind was high and keep dragging my feet sideways and a stunning black Labrador decided to chase me for a couple of paces before dashing back to his owner. All in all, I’m beginning to enjoy the running as much as the fact that I can say I run.

Last night I told the other half ‘I’m going for a run in the morning’ and felt such a thrill. It’s a fantastic thing to be able to say, given that I’m just not all that fit compared to where I want to be. But today marks the start of a whole new exercise regime for me and I’ve never been more excited about the idea of exercise.

Quite a bit of a switch to when this blog began, right? I may have to change my tagline. 😉

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