Check In: 05

Hmm. Christmas season and Tesco has reduced their Pringle tubs to £1 each.

😦 It’s not going to be good . . . then again, the exercise hasn’t lapsed and I’m generally more active than I have been over past Christmas seasons.

*sigh* Let’s just have a look:

Last Time This Time
Date 25 November 2015 26 December 2015
Time 1.32 pm 5:11 pm
Weight 18st 10lb (119.1kg) 18st 10lb (119.0kg)
Height 5’6.8 (1.70m) 5’7.3 (1.71m)
BMI 41.2 40.7
Body Fat 45.5% 43.0%
Body Fat Mass 54.1kg 51.1kg


OH! Fuck, look at that! Not only has my weight stayed the same, but look at the body fat percentage and body fat mass? Holy crap! HA! ^_^

. . . I think that deserves one of these, don’t you?

happy dance gif from The OfficeAnd . . . maybe one of these:

Okay, this is why I don’t rely on scales and one of the reasons why LEAP was so demoralising. Look at those figures. My weight is the same bar a tiny fraction, but body fat has reduced a bucket load. Going to those weekly sessions, this would have been seen as a ‘Well, you’ll just have to try harder this week’ scenario. I would have come away upset, angry and searching for the next chocolate bar (yes, I’m still working on my comfort eating reflex; it’s getting better but I’m not there yet).

I don’t care what the scales say any more. Though it’s good to pay attention to my weight, far more encouraging is the way my body fat is slowly dipping and the ratio of fat to everything else in my body is dropping too.

So . . . I’d mark that as a successful holiday season where eating and exercise is concerned. ^_^

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