Gym Day Thirty-Six: Time To Face Facts

I came to two very important conclusions this morning: things I need to admit lest the next few weeks of my exercising life become very difficult indeed.

One: I can no longer run at the gym . . . I’m simply running for too long. :-p Today, after running for 28 minutes, I found a young lad glowering at me while I completed my five-minute cool down, clearly waiting to use the machine (even though there were two free machines on the other side of the space). I had been on that treadmill officially 18 minutes longer than I should have and he was most unhappy . . . aaaaaaaaah well.dsc_0142.jpgTwo, and perhaps most importantly: I need new leggings. My current selection are now horribly baggy and collect arse-sweat in the little folds of fabric as they gather around my evidently slimming thighs. This collection of moisture leads to severe discomfort and embarrassment when I then transfer to the weight machines, leaving sweat patches on every available surface.


Whatever shall I do?!

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