Gym Day Thirty-Five: I Need A Tablet, Or Something

Wasn’t feeling it this morning. Woken up by Sprog2 after an hour of sleep, then it took ages to get back to sleep. Then alarm at 6.45 am so I can get to the gym. I woke up before the alarm—as I always seem to—and gave up on getting back to sleep.

I’m even writing this after a nap.

sleeping on sofa
In fact, I probably looked just like this dude, as I fell asleep on the sofa with the editing for the latest novel in my lap. -_-

Curious, but I’m so, so tired. I’m having trouble staying awake in the afternoons. I though exercise was supposed to give you more energy, not sap it. 😦 I discussed this with Deepa on Wednesday at the latest Get Healthy session, and decided I need to have a couple of blood tests, just to check my iron levels. I’ve been border line anaemic for ages, but if that’s catching up to me now, all the exercise in the world won’t help.

But all that aside, I don’t think that’s why I had trouble at the gym today. I’ve finally accepted that if I want to run there, I’ll have to use the treadmills in front of the mirror. I HATE watching myself. It feels awful; all the wobbling, sweating and swaying. And I’ve noticed that my right foot does this weird, pointy-outwards thing when I run (!!!). But I’m now running for so long (YES!) that I won’t be able to do it on the other machines without cutting myself short in the middle and that would just kill my momentum.

But the other thing I noticed is that even my music didn’t help. These newer machines are definitely faster—it’s not my imagination—and they record distance and calorie burn in a really odd way. So I’m watching numbers tick up and feeling pissed because after 25 minutes of running (woohoo!) it tells me I’ve burned 140 kcal. -_- Sod that shit. Anyway, I’ve decided I need a tablet!

There was a guy on the step machine close by watching something on his phone while working out. I think that’s a stella idea and it lends weight to the idea growing in my mind that I want a treadmill for home as well. Just a small foldy-up one that I can slip beneath the table when not in use. The other half doesn’t think I’d use it, but I disagree. Often these days when I’m watching a film I find myself getting up to pace the room or jog on the spot just to get rid of the red lines on my Vivo. I also don’t want to go outside quite so much in this weather, but being able to walk (I’d probably never run on it) while watching Russell Howard, would make me feel much less like I’m ‘wasting’ time by ‘vegging out’.

Food for thought.

Couch To 5k: Week Seven, Run Three: Complete

On another note, I realised that my Vivo automatically starts to record my run, as soon as I’ve been running for more than 60 seconds. Haha! So no more scribbling down figures so I can record it in MyFitnessPal. I can now just forget about it, run and watch Vivo send the data automatically when I sync the device. I’d say it’s also hella more accurate than the machines I’m running on too since it has stuff like my weight and stride length included in it. That said, it’s not too much off what the machines have been telling me, so I do trust it.

Oh! And another thing (!) you may have noticed (or not) that I haven’t complained about that hill on the ride home for quite some time. I was thinking about it while I cycled back today and realised that I haven’t complained because it doesn’t bother me any more. Sure, it’s still hard, with jelly-legs and a body already well worked for the previous hour, but there’s no thought of getting off to walk, or groaning when I get to that steep section at the top. Sure, I slow down and drop my gears to tackle it, but I haven’t stopped/paused on my ride home for several weeks now.

^_^ I think I’ll mark that as another victory to add to the growing list.

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