Couch To 5k – Week Seven, Run Two

I haven’t done many park runs since I preferred running on the treadmill . . . note the use of past tense there? Once upon a time the security and comfort of running on a treadmill kept me going. Now it’s just boring.

Today is the first run I’ve actually enjoyed. Yes, you read that right, enjoyed. There’s something magical about going out in the dark and watching the sky brighten around you while listening to the dulcet tones  of System of a Down, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé and Weird Al Yankovic (nobody said my music tastes made any sense). It was wonderful and I had to add more to my usual park route because, at my running speed, I’d gone further. ^_^

In fact, listening to music made all the difference today. I knew, when I started that 25 mins would be roughly five songs from the selection on my phone, but then Albuquerque came on. If you don’t know the song please, please, please just watch this video . . . it’s fantastic and the song is hilarious in true Weird Al style.

Anyway, the track is about 11 minutes, so I figured I’d end the run listening to that track, or at least be very close to the end.

Y’know how the universe sometimes gives you inexplicable but perfect comic timing? Well there’s a point of that video above, near the end, that proclaims: ‘ALMOST THERE!’ in huge flashing letters.

Albuquerque screen shotsNot part of the song, but a part of the animation which always makes me giggle, as just listening to the song is a marathon in of itself. Well . . . that section of the song came up and, a split second later, my alarm went off, proclaiming 25 minutes. Ha!

I had to keep running after that. Just until the end of the song to celebrate. And I did it faster than the rest of the run, not quite a sprint, but closer to actually running, rather than the light jog I favour for the rest of the session.

It was beautiful . . . I remember laughing out loud and startling a couple of squirrels running up a tree not far away.

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself today. It was great and, I think, that means I’ll probably be able to save my efforts at the gym for more general cardio like at the start of this blog. Once I’m done with the programme, I’ll be able to run freely outdoors. Whenever I like. Heh, how’s that for free exercise? 😉 So long as the rain holds off, anyway.

Couch To 5k: Week Seven, Run Two: Complete

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