Gym Day Thirty-Four: I’m A Runner Now ^_^

Earlier today I found this post on my Facebook wall:

Thanks, Sarai! ;-)
Thanks, Sarai! 😉

Heh, yeah. Mad, right? I’ve not run 5k . . .not even close—I clock up about 3.5—but I do run. And, given that today’s session at the gym was another 25 minute run, I’d say this post’s title is also totally true.

Running for pleasure. Hmm. Not sure I can say it’s for pleasure exactly, but the knowledge that I’m doing something good for my body is certainly pleasurable, as is the feeling that I’m achieving something I’ve never done before. I actually told a pen-friend about it today . . . and my mother over the weekend. She’s not so sure: she’s concerned about the impact on my knees and ankles, though, to be honest, the speed I run at? It’s unlikely to do me much harm so long as I maintain my form and wear good shoes.

Couch To 5k: Week Seven, Run One: Complete

That said, boredom crept in early today and I was saved, at the end by Destiny’s Child. No word of a lie. ‘8 Days of Christmas’ came on the radio, one of the few Christmas songs I can actually tolerate. I sang along for the last five minutes and then popped my headphones back on and cranked up the speed for the last 60 seconds.

Without that song, I’m not sure I would have made it as comfortably as I did.

Saying that, I’m getting used to it now. Enough that I’m planning to do Wednesday’s run in the park. I need to if I want to do it at all, as the other half needs to go out far earlier than I’m usually back from the gym. Doing the run in the park saves about twenty minutes of travelling.

I just hope the weather is kind to me. o.O Don’t much feel like running in the rain.

jogging boy
Credit: johnny_automatic

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