Gym Day Thirty-Three: People Of The Gym

There are so many types of people at my gym. Largely we’re all the same, doing our best to keep fit in a world that actually rewards us for not doing so, but I can slot most of the regulars into (quite broad) categories. The Noobs, the Veterans, the Runners, the Body Builders, the Wannabe Body Builders, the Girls, the Voyeurs. There are more I’m sure, but these are the main ones.

Today I met the Noob disguised as the Runner. Poor man. He first of all hopped onto the machine beside mine and starting jabbing at the buttons .Even though it wasn’t on. Then he took the one on the other side of me and jabbed at more buttons. In the end I had to talk him through how to get the machine started. Then he increased the speed. Up. Up. Up. Up! Soon he was running faster than me and clinging desperately to the handrail. Then he brought it down. Down a bit more. Then some more and found a pace he liked. Then he tried to match me.


Poor sod. I could tell he was flagging after five minutes but I couldn’t quite catch enough breath to tell him I’d been at this for seven weeks. By ten minutes he was gasping and stumbling every other step. At fifteen minutes I lost him. He slowed to a shambling walk then slouched off to the reclined cycle.

. . . I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little smug about that. And the fact that I kept running for another ten minutes.

dsc_0123.jpgYes, today was my first 25 minute run and by the end of it I wasn’t proud so much as ‘Yeah, well. Of course I did it.’ Something about my mind today just changed the whole run.
It wasn’t easy but again, like Wednesday, the hardest thing to get by was the boredom. But then, even the boredom was reduced since I was watching this guy beside me frantically trying to match my pace and run without holding on. Bless.

Couch To 5k: Week Six, Run Three: Complete

My legs are jelly now. I’ve been busy all day and took a couple of train journeys, so I’ve done more standing and sitting than I might do after a run, but I can certainly feel that I ran today.

Oh, and, bizarrely, even though Laura is just a recorded voice, I did feel insanely proud when she told me ‘I think you can officially call yourself a runner now.’

^_^ 25 minutes, non stop. Yeah, I’d say that makes me a runner!

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