Gym Day Thirty-Two: Run Forrest, Run!

It’s so dark when I go out now. The street lamps are still on, all the cats are giving me odd looks and the chill is making my glasses steam up because when I exhale, apparently, the air goes straight up. -_- But I had a good day at the gym today. And I mean a good day.

I thought I’d struggle after yesterday, Jit worked us really hard, but my run today consisted of twenty minutes, broken into two, ten minute sessions. With a three min walking gap in between. It was . . . easy . . .

I don’t get it.

I mean, I was back on my usual machine and fractionally slower than usual, but the hardest part about this morning was how mind-numbingly bored I got staring at the white wall in front of me. I take off the headphones for longer runs because the podcast music distracts me, but I couldn’t hear the news over the sound of all the other machines. I didn’t have my own reflection to study in my classic self-loathing fashion, so I had to entertain myself with thinking of editing points for my latest novel. But even that couldn’t distract me. So rather than being out of breath exactly, or in pain, I was just bored.

So strange.

I guess the fact that I had time to feel bored suggests that I need to up the intensity a little. Or do something small to get my focus back on what I’m doing. Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to the end of the course when I don’t need to follow her, because then I can listen to my own music or go back to my writing podcasts. That might help the time to pass a bit better.


Couch To 5k: Week Six, Run Two: Complete

Then I did some weights stuff. I can really tell that I haven’t used the machines for a bit because just lifting 15 lbs on the leg extension felt like lifting the earth. Then again . . . I had just run for 20 minutes, so maybe I should cut myself some slack. 😉

Now I’m pleasantly sore and looking forward to the next round of torture for the day: my root canal. -_- Humph. At least I’ll be able to chew on the left side of my month again. Two months on I think the right side is severely overworked.

Oh! And I got the other half to take some pictures today. Following yesterday’s news I figured it was time. Sorry it’s not quite the same outfit: I’ve had to switch to leggings now because my gym trousers are shredded (that’s a post for another time) but I suppose you can see my body shape a bit better that way.

And yes . . . that is one of my sons in the background (the other one had just decided to use my legs as a bridge, hence the spread-legged, slightly comic-book-hero-esque stance). ^_^


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