LEAP: Session Ten, The End

Well . . . there we are.

Didn’t think I’d make it at some points but I’m pleased to say that I’ve made it to the end of the LEAP and missed none of it but the (probably boring) introductory session. I’ve covered topics including portion size, fats, snacking and emotional eating and also enjoyed hard core, increasingly intense circuit workouts on the back of it.

I’ve had ups, downs, wobbles and downright hissy-fits, but I did it. And I’m thrilled.

Let’s look at some figures (because I like numbers).

Start End Difference
Weight 124.15 kg 117.85 kg 6.3 kg
Waist 146cm 125cm 21cm
BMI 42.96 40.80 2.16

When Aideen (I finally remembered her name! This is the lovely, lovely Irish lady who has looked after just he past two weeks) measured up my waist, her eyebrows did this little twitching thing. She’s an expressive person anyway, but she looked at me and said ‘Is that right?  I don’t know—I’m not sure. Let’s have another go.’

The difference to my waist size is such that she had to measure it twice just to be sure. Ha!

Now I just wish I could see it. Because I can’t. I don’t know if it’s because I spend so much time in leggings and generally loose clothing, but I’m not seeing this apparent 8 inch difference in my waist line. I can see it in my face, neck and shoulders, but nowhere else. Oh, and my calves (every now and then I still flop on the bed in front of the other half and demand that he ‘feel my calves!’). So the back of my mind has this stupid little ditty going round and round with pretty much says ‘That’s not good enough, that’s not good enough, that’s not good enough.’ Even though it clearly.is good enough. Not only is it ‘good enough’ but it’s amazing. The rational side of my brain knows that, and yet it still has to fight with the emotional side who wants to be wearing size twelve hipster jeans. -_-

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But! Despite all that, I feel pretty good and further pleased by the other half’s reaction when I told him why  needed him to convert 21cm into inches (he was pretty close too, just off the top of his head). He gave me that big wide eyed expression that always makes me want to snog his face off . . . ahem. Anyway (!) I’m not the only one pleased about progress.

Next step as far as LEAP goes will be the check in after three months. Of course they’ll hope to see further weight loss (I will too!) and they’ll get us all together again to see how we’re coping, if we need any help and to top up our knowledge if we need it. So I’m unlikely to see any of the girls again until that point. A shame, but so many of them disappeared right after the session instead of staying for the exercise with Jit. And of the nine of us who stayed for the circuit work out, only five of us where there at the end.

Jit tells us that we are the ones who have what it takes to get to where we want to be, to stick it out even though it’s hard. To not give up.

I haven’t told him anything about how weight management has become tied up with my writing career, but I’ll tell you something: he’s got a point. I’ve come too far now to give up. According to LEAP stats I’ve reduced my body weight by 5% since I began at the end of the September. 5%! It doesn’t sound like much but the internal difference to my body is astounding. Imagine how I’ll feel when I reach my target weight of 83 kg (that’s my target btw: the NHS seems to think .I should aim for a maximum of 73 kg, but I’ve no intention of turning myself into a stick figure. I think that much weight lost would make me look and feel ill!). My body is already thanking me for these changes, so is my mind and so are my children. Why wouldn’t I want that to continue?

So no more LEAP posts for a while. But I’ll still do my usual check ins (probably weekly now, since I don’t have the free scales at the sessions) and I’ll continue to chart my gym days.
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