Gym Day Thirty-One: I Forgot, I Hate Sweating

Today was one of those days I remembered the biggest thing that used to keep me from exercising. I hate sweating. Hate it. The feel of it dripping into my eyes, the stickiness of it, the smell . . . when I got home today my entire body was cold from the layer of sweat that had collected beneath my clothes on the cycle back. Good, you may say, your body is acting as it should. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I like it. -_-

Today I realised just how many people other than me have trouble over the weekends. During the week I actually eat quite well: I stay within my goals, snacking (on ‘bad’ foods) is usually quite low. When the weekend hits it all goes to hell. Other people must feel the same way because Monday mornings are mega busy compared to other days.

Today I hate to wait to get onto a treadmill. I was there three minutes after the place opened and I had a ten minute wait before I could start my run. It was full and everyone wore that look I recognise in my own self. The: ‘this-sucks-but-I-ate-too-much-at-that-party-so-I-need-to-work-it-off-not-to-mention-the-alcohol’ look.

But today’s run happened. I completed it and had to play more of those mind games to get me through it.


Also . . . I think the treadmills run differently. My ‘running’ speed is 7 kph, not very fast but today I used one of the newer machines as they allow you to run beyond 30 mins before forcing a stop. But 7 kpm on that machine felt totally different to 7 kph on my usual machine. I don’t know if it’s a mind-fuck because there’s also a mirror there and I can see myself running, but I hate it because I’ve had to slow down to allow myself to keep going.

I know that’s not the end of the world. I know at this stage of training it’s more about time spent than speed, but it’s still a little disheartening.

But I’ve got this far. Week six. Who knew I’d ever get so far so speedily?

Couch To 5k: Week Six, Run One: Complete

After that I didn’t quite feel like going home yet so I used the reclined bike for a little. I really like it! Feels utterly different to the upright cycle and of course to my own bike. The only part I didn’t like was watching the near-hypnotic wobble of my belly flab as I pedalled. -_- *sigh* It will go . . . eventually.

Also weird: no Ramji today. No cheerful smile, hi-five and ‘how was your weekend?’ I’m going to miss him. I barely knew him, I realise that, but I’m still going to miss him. 😦

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