LEAP: Session Nine

I know, I’ve been a bit quiet lately haven’t I? No Saturday post and nothing yesterday. Well the reason for that is plain: I didn’t go to the gym. I am I was incredibly pissed off that circumstances meant I couldn’t go, but it’s fine. Look forward, not back.

A combination of childcare, poor weather, British Gas and family conspired to keep me away. Given that this is the first time it’s happened, I should be pleased. I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

Anyway. LEAP. Today was snacking. Something I’ve always had issues with but going through it and talking about why we snack was interesting. I’ve covered some of this with Deepa, but as ever, going through it in a group was very handy. It helped that we didn’t have our usual course leader (again, YES!). We had the Irish lady (sorry, still can’t remember her name . . . it begins with an A) and she’s just a joy to speak with and learn from. I’m also pleased that the scales showed another kilo down.

What I really needed though, was Jit. I’ve been looking forward to that session since Friday and to get in there and sweat, ache and grunt was the best therapy. The second I stepped into that room I felt all my anger start to lift. Circuits today, lots of squats, sitting presses, standing presses, resistance bands and crunches. We did the whole thing twice with a section in the middle for cardio.

Funny, but I much prefer sweating it out with him than by myself in the gym. Enough that I think I’ll need to fork out for some of his lessons when this is all over.

I love the way he thinks too. He tells us that our minds are all mixed up, that we walk into a restaurant or fast food place smiling and happy, about to eat food loaded with grease, saturates and sugars. Basically we’re thrilled about taking active steps towards harming our health. But when we go to the gym or a fitness class, with groan and moan, even though we’re paying to save our lives and improve our health.

Interesting, isn’t it?

I’ll be honest: if I get a chance to go to Nandos or KFC I’m going to jump at it. Such things don’t happen very often and when they do I love it. But the gym? Improving my health to extend my lifespan? Buying myself more time to be with my children, my other half, to write books? Hell, I’ll do that with a smile on my face too. ^_^
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