Check In: 04

I was a little worried about this because I’ve had more than a few ‘lapses’ over the last couple of weeks: big bags of crisps, eating out, takeaways and booze (mmmm schnapps). But apparently, I’m still doing well.

See for yourself:

Last Time This Time
Date 13 November 2015 25 November 2015
Time 11:20 am 1.32 pm
Weight 19st 1lb (120.9kg) 18st 10lb (119.1kg)
Height 5’7.3 (1.71m) 5’6.8 (1.70m)
BMI 41.3 41.2
Body Fat 49.3% 45.5%
Body Fat Mass 59.5kg 54.1kg

Just look at the bottom end of that table. Look at it!!! ^_^

Body fat down 4% (ish) which equates to 4 kg (ish) of body fat mass.

Well! ^_^ I’d do a happy dance but my thighs still hurt.

My BMI is always messed up as my height seems to depend on how my hair is tied when I get on the machine, but even my actual weight is a positive thing. I have no idea how or why the differences in figures across weight vs body fat mass are so different, but I don’t care. There is a downward trend and I’m pleased with that.

My next mini goal is to get my BMI below 40. That will be major cause for celebration. I wonder if I’ll manage it in time for Christmas . . .

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