Pain: It’s Only For Now

When I had low moments in the past (and there were plenty of these when my boys were really young) there was a song I used to listen to over and over again. It served two purposes: 1) most important was to make me laugh, 2) was to remind me that whatever I felt in that moment, however bad it got, however little sleep I’d had, no matter how loud the (dual) screaming was, it was only for that moment. Only for now.

A wonderful song. Very helpful.

After my near melt down of yesterday I feel a little better. It’s worth mentioning too, that while I was running, sweating, aching, puffing, this song was going through my head (in between the flashes of me coming off the end of the treadmill). It helped remind me that pretty much as soon as I stopped running, I’d feel better. I’d get my breath back, the stitch in my side would ease and I’d be able to go home and wash the sweat from my face and hair.

So . . . for you guys, as well as for me, I want to point out that discomfort, fear, bad thoughts, self doubt . . . all of that stuff . . . it’s only for now. It’s that moment. The trick is to remember that it will pass. That later on, when you’re stuffing your face at dinner time or relaxing in front of the TV, the feeling of agony will be a distant memory.

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