Gym Day Twenty-Four: Couch To 5k – Week Four, Run Two

Today was my hardest run yet. My haaaaaaaaaaardest.

I know I’ve done it once before, but it’s an interesting observation—that I’m not sure I’ve made previously—of how mood before exercise and other life stuff can affect the session.

The run was hard. I spent the last half of it chanting over and over ‘I CAN do this, I CAN do this, I CAN do this,’ because for a long period I really wasn’t sure. Before I even made it to the second half I wanted to keel over and I’d barely started.

In fact, there was a bit of a cock-up while running and the machine chucked an emergency stop at me. The magnet that allows a quick stop had been put on backwards and my flailing dislodged it. So I went from a full powered jog to a dead stop within seconds and nearly smacked my ribs on the bar in front. Then the machine decided it had to give me a workout summary and wouldn’t let me kick start it again until that was over. So I had to start the first five minute chunk again.


But I did it. I made it to the end without dying and with my customary shriek of ‘YES!’ when Laura’s chirpy voice told me to ‘slow down to a brisk walk’ for the last time.

The whole day was strange though; I was first into the gym, all the lights were off and I couldn’t figure out where they were. It’s really eerie in there with all the machines blinking but no overheads. The TV was off so there was no sound and the whole place echoed with the sound of the storms blowing through the country right now. All in all, it was super duper strange.

I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow, that’s for sure!

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