LEAP: Session Seven

Back to our usual course leader today but, given that I arrived in a reasonably good mood which continued when I read from the scales, nothing she said seemed to bother me today. It’s great. ^_^

Given that I already had some good news via my last Check In, I wasn’t surprised to see that the figures had dipped still further. Since LEAP is only concerned about weight I’ll tell you that I’m currently sitting at 119.4kg. My 5% goal is 117.9kg so if I’m able to replicate this last week in next week’s results, I’ll have hit the goal.

That . . . is a magical thought. Enough to make me put aside the packet of wine gums and keep me away from the fridge. I’m so keen to meet that goal as it will be my first major milestone. 5% of my body weight . . . that’s no mean feat and, even against the app I’m using that’s just over a stone. A full stone of weight lost!

Exercise with Jit was nice too, more circuits and I’m finding it easier and easier every time. I also find I’m getting somewhat addicted to the feel good experience I get afterwards. That feel of a job well done just . . . it seems me up for the whole day!

Today should have been about ’emotional eating’ which is a big one for me and something I’m keen to cover, but instead we covered sugar. A bit depressing as I know I have a sweet tooth and I know there is too much of it in my diet. But on the flip side of that, it’s good to know that I long ago sussed that Weight Watchers, Special K and Belvita may say their fat free/low calorie/low blah, blah, blah, but they’re rammed with sugar, which is just as bad as the calories and/or fat.

Forgive me, but I’d rather have a small amount of something I know is fatty (like the Pringles I just polished off half an hour ago) then loads of something supposedly good for me (Special K breakfast bar) only to figure out (much) later that the sugar I’ve consumed through doing so was worse than just having the plain old fat!

But that’s just me. 😉
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