Gym Day Twenty-Three: *flails* owwie . . .

Fuck, fuckety-fuck in a bucket!
That hurt.
That hurt soooooooooooooo bad . . . and yet . . . so goooooood 😉

To explain, today I started week four of the Couch to 5k programme. Remember last week I talked about opening that podcast by accident? Well today was no accident and I had to get on with it.

The routine went like this:

  • 5 min warm up
  • 3 min run
  • 90 second rest
  • 5 min run
  • 2.5 min rest
  • 3 min run
  • 90 second rest
  • 5 min run
  • 5 min cool down
  • *death*

Okay, I added that last one myself, but that was haaaaaaaard. But, and here’s the part that’s important: I did it.


happy dance gif from The Office

Couch To 5k – Week Four, Run One: Complete

I was so proud by the time I was done I nearly cried. Sweat everywhere, legs rather jelly-like, big cheesy grins from the gentleman on the treadmill at the other end of the row. He stopped me towards the end and asked ‘Did you run, then?’ Fortunately for him (!!!) we have quite a friendly rapport going on right now, so I was able to grin and tell him ‘Hells yes. Gotta keep going,’ to which he replied ‘That’ll by why you’ve got the sweats, then?’

I shit you not, the front of my top was soaked (in a perfect circular line following my sports bra) and the towel I use to mop my face was on the verge of dripping.
I wish I’d taken a picture but my phone still refuses to play ball, so I couldn’t.

And yet . . . when I was done, all I wanted was to keep going. I pretty much bounced to the elliptical for 15 mins there and to the weights for 15 mins there. All in all, it was a great morning and though my thighs are warning me that I need to take it easy for a day, I’m starting to feel that running for 30 mins might actually be possible, especially since, today, I was running for longer than I was walking.

And that is the point of the programme, by the way: run 30 mins or 5km by the end of the nine week course. At my current speed I don’t think I’d quite make 5km in 30 mins, but I’d only need to go a little faster to manage it. Today the machine tells me the equivalent distance travelled was 3.54km so . . . y’know . . . getting there.

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