Gym Day Twenty-Two: Zzzzz

I’m really tired right now. Part of me thinks that eight hours sleep isn’t enough (maybe it’s not?) and the rest of me wonders if maybe I’m pushing too hard at the gym. Maybe I am? I don’t know. How do you measure that?

I’ve read a couple of blogs on the MyFittnessPal app that talks about burnout, muscle fatigue and injury. But nothing hurts. I’m just . . . tired. Maybe it’s having two kids. Maybe it’s working every hour I have spare to release these books of mine? Maybe it’s trying to do all that while looking after a house, getting fit and changing a lifetime of unhealthy habits?

Who knows?

All I’m sure of is that right now I’m itching to crawl into bed and stay there. And it’s only 9pm.

So today I did my next Couch to 5k run. I hated it, as usual, but was pleased with myself by the time it was over. Running for that length of time is no mean feat given how I started. It’s also worth noting that running (jogging) has never, ever been something I’ve done before. The fact that I’m doggedly sticking at it should be cause for cartwheels and celebration. I’d love to see my mother’s face when I finally tell her I’ve run 5k. Or my dad. Ha . . . I must make sure we’re face to face when I do: I HAVE to get a picture of his expression.

Couch To 5k – Week Three, Run Two: Complete

Then knowing that I had to leave the gym much earlier than usual this morning, I skipped the weights and leapt onto the elliptical. Interesting, but even that is different to what it used to be. I can feel that my body is comfortable with that level of prolonged activity now and that keeping up a steady pace, with a heart rate of between 144 bpm and 152 bpm, isn’t too tricky. It used to be. Now, it just seems I get bored. Funny then, that running on the treadmill seems to take it out of me that much more. I wonder why that is?

Next week is my three month check in. I’ll have to go back to the cute and well toned whatshisname and tell him how I’ve gotten on. No idea how that’s going to go, though it will be interesting to see what the machine makes of my body fat levels. I’d like to think that they’ve dropped, though we’ll have to see. Maybe I should go back to Boots and do a check-in with one of their little slips of white paper?

Hmm. We’ll see.

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