LEAP: Session Six

Well that was a revelation. THAT is what I feel a session of this course should feel like.

Our usual course leader is away on holiday and instead we had this lovely Irish lady (I adore the Irish accent) who smiled and actually made us feel good about our efforts. She was positive and bright and actually listened to us. She even asked about what we felt was good/bad about our weeks, something our usual course leader has never taken the time to do. More than that, I felt that this lady actually cared about us as people, rather than numbers on a sheet. Example:

I was the first one there, as usual and got weighed before everyone showed up. When she asked if I was ready to step on the scales, I said ‘No,’ which, to be honest is my usual response. Y’know what she said? Words to the effect of: ‘You shouldn’t let these things rule your life. So long as you’ve made the effort and put the work in, your body will feel the benefit.’

*huff huff huff*

I swear, if our normal course leader had been fractionally supportive or positive, even once without seeing the results she wanted then I, and other members of the group, wouldn’t be so miserable each time we step through the door to that room.

Oh, AND this woman let me (and members of her usual group!) take pictures of the course materials. Something I personally feel is very helpful as a reminder of what we talked about (takeaways today).


Anyway, so that was that. Oh, and the weight I put on last week? Gone again. I’m back to where I was a fortnight ago, so I guess I can safely call that a blip in my otherwise steady progress. Yey me.

Circuits after that. Jit worked us hard. The sweat was POURING off me and my clothes were soaked afterwards. But I felt so, so, so good. No anger this time, just teeth gritted in determination and a vocal shriek of ‘YES!’ when I made it to the end without quitting.

That, ladies and gents, that is the feeling worth giving up the crisps for.da shared brain signature


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