Gym Day Twenty-One: Extra, Extra!

I nearly messed myself today. Hopping onto the treadmill when I hit the gym I pressed play on the next Couch to 5k workout and heard Laura (the podcast guide) telling me, in her freakishly chirpy voice, that I’d be running three minutes straight with a three min gap, then five mins straight with a four min gap.


Fortunately, it took only a moment to figure out that I’d played the wrong episode. That’s next week.


So I’m not looking forward to that. But today was 90 second run, 90 second walk, three minute run, three minute walk. By comparison, not that bad. And may I just say that the three minutes really wasn’t all that bad. I felt it and I was breathing heavily by the time I got to the second circuit, but I didn’t have a crazy urge to stop and gulp huge breaths of air while bending over and clutching my knees. So . . . steadily but surely, it’s working. My endurance, recovery and muscle strength is all improving week on week. Frankly I never thought I’d make it this far, so I’m reeeeeeeeeeeally pleased.

Couch To 5k – Week Three, Run One: Complete

That gave me an hour to go over last week’s routine of weeks, high reps, low weights. And then, I cheekily asked if I could stay for an extra half hour. Once the other half gave me the go ahead I hopped on to the elliptical for the first time in ages and pounded at that for twenty minutes. May I just say . . . I think I prefer the treadmill.

I know, I know, what the hell is happening to me, right? But this exercise lark is kinda addictive. I really want to go to the gym and see how far I can push myself. It’s insane.

I doubt I’ll feel this peppy about it tomorrow when I go to my LEAP session, but Jit has a way of bringing the best out of me. So we’ll see how I do.

Oh, and no pictures again today. Sorry. My phone refuses to play ball and crashes every time I open the camera app. No idea what that is about.

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