Couch To 5k – Week Two, Run Two

I wish I’d written this earlier today as it would have been a more accurate reflection of how I actually felt. Now, sitting here, in the calm, with the washing up done, the family fed, the clothes drying and my own body only vaguely sore, I feel pretty good about what I achieved.

Ho hum. Let’s see if I can pull back that feeling.


First thing in the morning, my local park smells like curry. No word of a lie. Running passed the cafeteria at the back of the university, I got a whiff of whatever they were cooking for breakfast. Smells like curry. Yiiiik! More importantly however, I did my second run of the week today. Not only did I do it out and about in the park (childcare!) but I did it first thing in the morning. At 7.20am. I shit you not. My alarm went off at 6.50am and I took a look outside, rolled over and said ‘Fuck that shit.’ Fifteen minutes later I was wide awake and feeling pretty scummy since I’d promised myself I would go out. So I did.

It was horrible folks. Wet. Cold. Miserable. Loads of other runners who are faster (and better looking) than me. People on bikes who don’t know how to keep to their side. Cars that swerve to hit puddles (dickheads). Leaves on the ground, so slippery that every step in the moisture was akin to wobbling on stilts.

But I did it.

Couch To 5k – Week Two, Run Two: Complete

What’s more interesting is how I felt afterwards. Recovery is faster, even if, while I’m running I feel like shit and I’m ready to gouge out the eyes of the nearest passer by. But the sense of ‘YESSSSS!’ when I got to the end of the run was so overwhelming that I nearly cried. Another run down. Another tickmark against something that was difficult and yet overcome.

Looking back over the day I can see that it set me up to get a lot done. You guys know I’m a writer, right? Well I wrote something in the region of 5,000 words today. In an hour and a half. Granted, that time was split into 15 minute chunks, but I did it and I’m confident that the drive to do it came from the overspill of happiness at the success of this morning’s run.

Tomorrow is a rest day—thank goodness!—and I’m going to keep it as such. Maybe (maybe) some light cardio stuff, or something low impact, but nothing too rough. After yesterday, my arms and shoulders are still screeching from the 3kg weights and today, my thighs are pretty much telling me to tone it down. A day of rest should be enough to get me ready for Friday when, all being well, I’ll be able to do it again.

Go me. ^_^

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