Gym Day Nineteen: *Huff Huff Huff*

I had a better title than that an hour ago but I’ve forgotten it. Typical. Hard to believe I’m a writer by profession, right?

Anyway, after a two day rest I went back to the gym—oh! That was my title! Something about rest . . . ah well.

The rest period has really helped. It’s wonderful knowing I was active every day of last week, but this morning I felt much better prepared for what I wanted to do. I know I must sound like an idiot coming out with stuff like this, but I never really believed how necessary a part of exercise the rest is. I had to prove it to myself.

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I took the next step on the Couch to 5k Challenge and moved onto Week Two of the podcast. This time the run/walk cycle was in rounds of 90 seconds running and 2 minutes walking.

I’m stunned at how easy it was. I expected to be gasping, clutching at the air and whimpering well before I got near 90 seconds. But no . . . I was warm, I had to think carefully about my breathing, but I wasn’t dying. I managed it with relative ease. Stunned.

Couch To 5k – Week Two, Run One: Complete

jogging boy
Credit: johnny_automatic

After that, I even found I had a little more time than usual with the weights, so I did my circuits nice and slow, making sure that I was keeping the correct form. The photos I took have been corrupted 😦 so I’m not able to post piccies like I usually do, but I made it to the end of my work out without falling over. That was my initial goal when I started all this and now, I can say, with confidence, that an hour in the gym isn’t going to knock me out.

I wish I could have longer. Unfortunately, unless I shift my schedule utterly (again) an hour and change is all I’m going to get. Guess I’ve just got to make that time count.

LEAP tomorrow. Should be interesting to see what the scales say this time: I’ve not been as good with food this week as I have in previous ones.

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