Couch To 5k – Week One, Run Two

Given that I’ll be doing these runs in combination with trips to the gym, these updates won’t be a complete set titled as above. There will be gaps. But I think, for my own benefit, I want to log each run the way I log each trip to the gym. That way I’ll be able to follow my mood and my progress, to see what works and how it all makes me feel. Which is the point of this blog.

So! Today’s run is the second of the week and my second run over all. It’s the same guided podcast as Monday (the same for the first week) but this time, because I was unable to go to the gym (childcare!) I did it outside in my local park after dropping the boys off at school.

bored face
Credit: Steren

As I look out the window now, the sky is brightening, the sun is out and there are a couple of birds twittering. When I ran, it was grey, gloomy and spitting. -_- So first of all, I want to congratulate myself for going out there and doing the damn run, because I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally didn’t want to. I didn’t even go home after leaving the school; I just marched straight for the park with the podcast in my ears. I knew it was the only way I’d go.

Now—since this post has taken me something like six hours to write—the sky is dark and the air is cool and I’m proud of my first run. My first actual run. In the park. In public. In the open. Under the blue grey sky. ^_^

It was knackering, let me tell you. Something about running on paths rather than on a treadmill has made itself known in my legs because I’m also aware of some soreness. I had a good hot bath, eventually, and managed to stretch really well, but my body is aware that it has done something new. I wonder how it will feel in the morning . . .

Anyway, I’m glad I managed to do the run and especially proud of my unconscious attitude to it all. A man ran past me when I was done, sixty if he was a day, all short-shorts, proper running trainers, big white socks and a billowing t-shirt. He ran by me faster than I could ever hope to go for prolonged periods and instead of grumbling after him or swearing as I might have done on any other day, I told myself: ‘That will be me soon.’

jogging boy
Credit: johnny_automatic

And y’know the best part? I believe it too. ^_^
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