LEAP: Session Four

Funny what a bit of exercise can do for you. 😉

woman working out siluoette
Credit: GDJ

I know I keep saying this, but I remain fascinated at how much better I feel after a work out. I woke up feeling grotty and yicky, with a cough that just wouldn’t go away. By the time Jit was done with us I was ready to go again and the cough was almost gone. ^_^

Today we talked about portion sizes.

This one has always been a problem for me because I like food. My problem in the past has not necessarily been that I eat the wrong food, but I eat too much of it. Today’s exercise was to measure what I’d normally have of a particular food and mark it against what the recommended guideline is.

Not too surprised to learn that my intake of things like crisps and dried fruits are waaaaaaaaaaaay over the recommended mark, while things like salad and veg are under (though significantly better than they might have been had I done the same exercise six months ago).

The highlight of the meet, however, realising that the hard work is paying off (in terms of weight) and that the over indulgence at the carvery for my grandmother’s birthday on Sunday hadn’t ruined it.

Scales from the session read 120.8 kg.

thumbs up smiley
Credit: skotan

I don’t want to get complacent though. I’ve noticed myself ‘slipping’ in terms of having that extra bag of crisps in the evening, or letting my daily 10,000 steps slip. Steady, sustainable weight loss is about permanent changes that I can carry forward for the rest of my life.

Saying that though, a dinner at the carvery four times a year isn’t going to wreck everything is it? 😉

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