Gym Day Seventeen: Running . . . WTF?!

Remember really early on I talked about running on a treadmill? Then a little while ago I talked about changing things up a little so I didn’t get bored? This morning was a combination of those two things.

I’ve always wanted to run, or to be a runner. I did a mini marathon years ago (I was probably about 16) and was so proud of my 5k. I haven’t done anything like it since, but I’ve always looked at runners and joggers on the road with a gentle admiration for what they do and the discipline it takes to get to a stage where running for longer than thirty seconds is easy and simple.

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Credit: libberry

Whelp . . . now time like the present to change things up, right?

Today I did my first treadmill run using the NHS Couch to 5k training programme. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and never really got around to it. Getting out of the house, making myself run has always been really hard (and not at all desirable, despite the prestige of being able to say I do it!). However, the gym three times a week is a great perfect excuse to give something like this a try. And it’s the perfect substitute for days on which I can’t get to the gym, because I don’t need to go to the gym to run. There is a lovely park just up the road from me and I can do the full circuit in 20 minutes if I’m walking to music. Using this plan I’ll work up to running around it three times a week (which is probably what I’ll switch to when my sponsored gym membership runs out).

If you’ve not heard of the programme, this is what you need to take a look at. I won’t repost all the details here (I’m not sure I’m allowed to) but that link tells you everything you need to know about the programme and contains the links to all the podcast episodes you need to follow. Because that’s how it works: the run is guided with pleasant, upbeat music and an encouraging female voice telling you when to run, walk and cool down.

Frankly, I was so stunned that I was able to keep up with the run/walk/run/walk cycle that I didn’t really notice the time go by.wpid-20151026_075220.jpg

But it was a gym day, so that’s not all did. I upped my rounds on the weights again, not the amount lifted, but I went for three sets rather than my usual two. I also did 10 reps instead of the 8 I sometimes go for. It left me feeling light, upbeat and really eager to have another go at running, so Wednesday is going to be all sorts of fun. I don’t know if I’ll still feel like doing it then, but the fact that it was brighter this morning (thanks daylight savings—probably the only time you’ll ever hear me say that!) seemed to help.

Tomorrow is LEAP again, so I’ll come back to you with another round-up of that and my figures from the scales. *shudder*

Oh, and before I go, I asked the other half to take another picture of me. I have no idea if I’m changing besides my face and upper body, but I figure photo logs are a good way to measure that. So have a look below and tell me what you think . . . do you see any difference?

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