Healthy Switch: Bacon

Okay, sod crackers and cheese, it’s bacon. I love bacon. SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

But it’s pork. It’s fatty. It only really tastes its best when you fry it (come on, admit it, you know it’s true!) and it’s far too easy to have too much of it.

One of the substitutions suggested by Deepa, my Get Healthy coach is trading red meat (and pork, which I believe actually counts as white?) to white meats and/or poultry  as much as possible.

Hmm. I like chicken as much as the next person, but it does get bloody boring after a while.

However, I’ve discovered these things:

turkey rashers

Now . . . stay with me here, because I know a lot of you are thinking, ‘Swap bacon for turkey? Piss off, you mad bitch.’
Yeeeah, I know.
But this stuff actually tastes nice. It’s very obviously light when you take it from the packet, grills up really nicely (don’t over cook it though, you’ll regret it!) and is delicious between a couple of slices of bread, or, in my case, a wholemeal pitta bread. The best part? That I can eat four of those bad boys and only clock up 104 calories. That’s right, a portion (two slices) is only 52 calories.

. . . I guess I can handle that for my regular bacon wants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll certainly treat myself to the real stuff every now and then. But isn’t that the point? To make your every day eating healthier and to splash out every now and then on something less good for me?

So far, this works.
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