Gym Day Sixteen: A Break Makes A Difference

I didn’t do the gym on Wednesday and I really felt that today. Yes, I’d been to LEAP on the Tuesday and had a good round of exercise then, but I’m starting to feel that the routine is good for me. I’ve been quiet tired recently, and I wonder if the fact that I’ve actually slowed down on the exercise front is part of that.

wpid-20151023_080003.jpgMeh. Anyway, my resolution to use the treadmill for an extended period didn’t quite happen today. Instead I did a bit of that after the weights and the elliptical because I had five minutes left before I had to go. wpid-20151023_082836.jpgStill, I think I want to give it another try: moving that way will be the next step up, if you like. Difficult at first, but gradually easier.

I’ve not much to add besides that. o.O

I’m still the only gay in the village woman at the gym and fascinated by what the men include as part of their routines. Some of them lift crazy amounts of weight on the machines, others focus on floor work, while others come in, do ten minutes of free weights before vanishing. It’s all a mixed bag in there, but, like the LEAP sessions, it’s nice to be around people who all have similar goals to me.

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