LEAP: Session Three

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaar less painful. ^_^

May I just say that despite the rotten mood before I got to LEAP last week, the news of paltry weight loss contributed to the low feeling. This week, having already been validated and comforted by my meet with Deepa, I was thrilled to go in yesterday and realise that I’d lost a lil more.

The scales in the session read 122.3 kg. ^_^

We spent the session learning about how to correctly read food labels and what the information on the nutrition panel actually means. It sounds silly—we all read labels, right?—but I came away from that session knowing so much more and understanding how to read those labels in an efficient way. I even have a cool little card to help me understand what those figures actually mean and to help make sensible judgement calls.wpid-20151021_204427.jpgWe even heard about the sneaky way that food companies avoid putting the full details of the salt content on their labels (note: if the label says ‘Sodium’ as opposed to ‘Salt’ or ‘equivalent as salt’ then you need to multiply that figure by 2.5 to get the true amount of salt).

Anyway, it has confirmed to me that pretty much anything that comes out the freezer will be rammed with salt (it’s a preservative!)  and that ‘healthy breakfast bars’ are a sneaky, sneaky lie. Yes, they may be ‘low’ in fat or even ‘fat-free’ (and even that you should talk with a pinch of salt—haha!), but they are probably jam-packed with sugar instead. And what does sugar get stored as if your body doesn’t use it up? Damn right it’s stored as fat.

Now . . . most of this I kinda knew, but the level of detail this course goes into is startling and I’ve come away with a clearer idea of some more changes to make.

Example: today I made a bean sprout stir-fry with a single tablespoon of olive oil. That single table spoon (properly measured by the way!) is equal to 109 kcal. So my meal today had 109 kcal in it (and a HEAP of fat) before I got near the vegetables. But . . . that’s a damn sight better than the old days when I’d simply tip the olive oil over the pan until I had a pool on the bottom.

*shudder* I dread to think how much oil was going into my body back then. Probably three times what I put in today. And remember, that single tablespoon was split between me, the other half and the kids.

Boggles the mind.

Anyway, after the nutrition session, we all went upstairs and did circuits with Jit. Another place for me to see how much my cardiovascular endurance has improved. And my muscle endurance. In between all the weights and squats and press-ups and whatever else he made us do, we were walk-running up and down the hall. Not only did I manage to keep pace with someone who regularly runs three times a week (!!!) but I managed to do it while holding a conversation and racing her at the end of each circuit.

Yes, I was out of puff, yes I was sweaty (soooooo sweaty!) but . . . I really, really enjoyed myself. ^_^

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