Gym Day Fifteen: All Change!

I broke my headphones. -_- I wouldn’t mind so much, but the elliptical is so mindless, that I really need the podcasts to keep me moving otherwise I’m just booooooooooooored! I had to switch back to my old pair today, the ones that were falling part, but were doing so less than the ones I usually wear. The result was a kinda floppy headed feeling in which sounds occasionally leaked in to disrupt the sultry tones of Johnny, Sean and Dave. Still, I got it done and that’s what counts.

wpid-20151019_081049.jpgToday I noticed how easy it was to stay at my usual speed and how tough it was to raise my heart rate. Apparantly I’m now well used to what it takes to get my body to use the machine for that length of time at that speed. I’ve raised the resistence, but that’s not really the right thing. So . . . I need to switch it up.

On Wednesday I’m going to see what happens if I get on the treadmill and do that for the 40 mins instead. Not running exactly, but jogging to see if that is better. Last week I talked about changes on the scales, but the other differences are mounting up. Cycling is so easy now: I’m sailing along the streets in fifth gear, taking hills in third without realising it and everything is so much faster. Running up and down the stairs is sudden a breeze and even something as simple as getting off the sofa has because something that doesn’t ache. These days, I find that when I’m out of breath for feeling an ache, it’s because I’m doing something at a higher speed or intensity without having realised it.

That’s an incredible feeling. Like today, I had to move my arms and legs a hell of a lot faster and increase the range of movement across the machine to get my heart rate as high as I wanted it. I’m having to work harder.

All good news, right?

swimming icon
Credit: johnny_automatic

In fact, it may even be time to use the swimming pool and see how I do with laps. *shudder* I can swim, it’s just been a while and I know that a good portion of those early sessions will revolve around remembering how to move my arms and legs to get the motion I want. Oh and getting over the fact that my hair is filling with chlorine. -_-

But swimming is an all over, low impact, full body workout, which is exactly the sort of thing I need. It’s also fully supported. Hmm . . . we’ll see. I’ll have a chat with the LEAP ladies tomorrow (the other women taking the course, not the course leader!) and see if maybe we want to do a trip together.

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