Day Thirteen: ‘If Shaking, It’s Baking’

I really should thank Jit for all these wonderful phrases. They’re fantastic! This one particularly is my favourite because it kinda sums up most of the session at the gym this morning. Shaking? I haven’t seen my boobs wobble like that for a while, but it still felt really good.

Incidentally, since I keep using Jit’s phrases, it’s only fair to tell you this is where you find him. Seriously, if you want to read about this guy, see what he does, or just see his face, since I talk about him so much, visit his site and take a look around.

Thank_you_pinned_noteThank you all, for the various comments on yesterday’s post. It means a lot and I don’t think I realised quite how many of you are paying attention to my ramblings. I’m touched at the quiet support you all offer and pleased that any of you are taking something away from my words. I hope they help.

wpid-20151014_080745.jpgSo . . . today: 40 mins of cardio on that bloody elliptical trainer and the remaining 25 mins working out on the machines. I really felt it in my arms today. The overhead press had me quaking (and shaking!) to lift the 20lbs. But I did it. So nyah, nyah, nyah, aching muscles, next week it’s 25lbs!

Following Monday’s observations about bpm (oh, that’s beats per minute, if I didn’t say it before) I realised that keeping myself, from start to finish, in the 140-145 bpm range was quite doable. Occasional bursts took me higher and I rounded off the session with a solid five minutes working at 151 bpm. More sweat this time too, so that either means it was warmer in there (don’t think so) or I was working harder (that’s the one!).

I also took notice, again, of what other people were doing and by other people, I mean men. I’m still, regularly, the only woman in that place and certainly the only one using the weights machines, even if there is another female there. I watch the men and their ‘RRRRRRAAAAGH’ faces as they lift anywhere from 30lbs to 50lbs. Makes me feel better and wish that I dared ask one of them to take a picture of my own ‘RRRRRRAAARGH’ face. I bet that would be something. Guess I need a selfie stick.

Anyway, that was all fine and dandy and today I was adamant that to stop the agonising pain of last week, following Jit’s session, I would push myself to ride up that hill, all the way, at a decent clip. Good news? I did it. Wheeeeeeeee! Bad news? Well:

My broken bike

Yeeeah. I’m just glad it happened when I got to the top and not while I was still wobbling about on the road. I had to walk the rest of the way, pushing the damn bike and I’ll need to see about fixing it today. But . . . mission accomplished!

In short I’m feeling MUCH, MUCH better than yesterday (I guess 10 hours of sleep really helped :-p) and more ready to push on with the rest of the day. I’m even feel more positive about this whole ‘weight loss’ thing and looking forward to my next check in . . . whenever I make it back to Boots.

Oh, and, on a completely unrelated note (that still relates to the ‘feel good’ I’m experiencing right now) I hit a great milestone with my writing projects, so that’s put a huge smile on my face.

Today, is already miles better than yesterday and I’m going to keep smiling to keep it that way. ^_^

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