Day Twelve: ‘If It’s Burning, It’s Working’

It’s burning. Most certainly, it’s burning. Today, not only did I get up early to do my usual writing gubbins but I then hopped on the bike for the gym as promised. It was cold outside, and riding along that main road made me feel like I’d lost all my fingers.

Aside: My gears keep locking up, meaning my bike could probably do with a service. -_-

As promised: 40 mins on the elliptical. I much prefer that to the treadmill as I can walk any time, but I did make a little discovery as I was peddling away: 40 mins is all well and good, but unless I push myself for the majority of that time, it isn’t going to make much difference. Yes, it’s more exercise than I’d otherwise normally get (especially if yesterday is anything to go by) but bimbling along with a heartrate of 139 bpm is nothing when I can do that just walking up the stairs too fast. No, no, if I want to really make a difference and hit that ‘fat burning zone’ I need to be closer to 150 bpm.

Now . . . I know this is different for everyone and that everybody has a different resting heart rate and a different ‘optimum zone.’ But that just means means I have to work hard to find my ideal working zone because at the moment, I don’t think that’s where I am.

Sure, at 139 bpm I’m sweaty and slightly out of puff, but I could very easily hold a conversation. I could keep that level of workout up for hours on end (okay, not hours!), because it’s comfortable. I need to be uncomfortable and get sweatier and more out of breath.

wpid-20151012_080318.jpgI had this revelation in the middle of the workout, so my average heart rate for that 40 mins was about 140 bpm. Not bad, but I think the next stage is to go even further. Now that I know what I need to do, I’ll take myself up in incremental steps to get there. Step one, try to maintain an average of 143 bpm for that 40 mins, with regular bursts into 150bpm and higher.

Weights were another matter. Going with the extra 5lbs that I used last week was quite nice today. I felt the judder in my arms and knew that I was really working myself from the effort it took on my last few reps. But the leg press and leg curl were way too easy. Like waaaaaaaay too easy. So I took them up to 30lbs.

It may sound like a bit of a jump, but think about this for a second. Think about how my I weigh and what I carry around every day just because. Now consider that, despite their age, I’m still regularly forced to carry both of my boys up the stairs.
At the same time.
And that they’re easily 28lbs.
So doing a few circuits of 30lb weights shouldn’t really be all that big a deal.

Anyway . . . after yesterday’s check in and today’s ‘revelation’ on the elliptical, I’m looking forward to my LEAP session tomorrow. I have a lot of questions and these are people I trust to give me the right answers. After all, they aren’t trying to sell me anything. 😉

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