Check In: 02

Here we are again. -_-

Given that I’ve spent pretty much the entire day on my arse in the editing chair, I don’t feel particularly good about this. But these results are kinda interesting and I want to explore them so . . . here we go.

Last Time This Time
Date 14 September 2015 10 October 2015
Time 1:03 pm 1:20 pm
Weight 19st 13lbs (126.9kg) 19st 8lbs (124.4kg)
Height 5’7.7 (1.72m) 5’7.7 (1.72m)
BMI 42.9 43.0
Body Fat 44.3% 48.8%
Body Fat Mass  56.1 kg 60.6kg

So . . . interesting, right?

sad smiley face
Credit: IslandVibz

At first glance, this is terrible, look at all the increases in those figures (as a general rule, I really want to see these numbers go down). BMI up; body fat, up; body fat mass, up. But look at the weight. That’s gone down.

I have plenty of theories about what’s going on here, but most of them are based on what I think I know, so let’s stick with what is largely based on fact.

Going by what I learned at last week’s LEAP session, muscle, by mass, weighs a hell of a lot more than fat—put on your GSCE physics heads, people, mass and weight are NOT the same! For my weight to go down but my body fat mass to go up, I’d guess that I’m actually losing muscle mass.

This is bad.

That’s the wroooong thing to be losing. Of course I may just be getting rid of a bunch of water rather than losing muscle, but if that were the case, my weight should have stayed the same, or, in truth, gone up. But it hasn’t. I’ve lost some of the stuff I want most and gained stuff I don’t.

It’s not the end of the world. To be honest, I’m expecting to see a lot of this up and down crap as I go forward and, frankly put, since I’m studying these figures so closely, the whole thing will spend more time in my head until I go utterly loopy. But doing this keeps me aware of what’s happening to my body. It makes me think. If I’m losing muscle mass, then it’s not that I need to reduce my calorie intake, as I thought was the case all along (and I’ve been doing bloody well at it too!). No, no. I need to increase my protein intake and spend more time in the ‘fat burning zone’ that both Jit and Karl talked about.

So . . . tomorrow morning, when I’m sweating on that treadmill and bemoaning the fact that there’s yet another fifteen minutes to go before reaching my target 40, I just need to keep in mind that that’s exactly where I need to be.

Phew . . . yeah. We’ll see.

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