Working Out At Home

I love my mum (yes, this IS relevant, I promise). She’s been on at me to lose weight for a while now and I understand why. That side of my family is rife with health problems and I know if I don’t get my weight down to a manageable level I’ll be worse off than her and my grandmother. It’s in my interests and in those of my children to look after myself as well as, if not better than they have done.

But Mum . . . there’s something else she says to me when she talks about weight. I can’t remember the exact phrasing, but it’s something along the lines of ‘You’ve got Beyoncé in you, waiting to pop out.’

. . .

So . . . I think what she means, is that if I lose the excess flab my figure will somewhat resemble that of the bootylicous star known the world over.


Nice! Thanks Mum!

Best thing is, I know she means it too. And I think that she’s right. Not that I’d look like Beyoncé but underneath all the extra fat I do have a shape not unlike hers. Narrow waist, wide hips, huge thighs, generous boobs. In fact I have more boobage than her. So, if I were to trim down to a more healthy size, I might even be able to see the shape of my body.

The interesting thing is that the last time I did a bit of weight losing-ness, the first thing to show definition was my waist, neck and upper body. The fact that I didn’t keep it up long enough to see the effect lower down is neither here nor there; a shape was starting to emerge. And it’s a shape I liked.

Another thing my mother has done—bless her!—is give me a DVD to use at home. She did this months ago, maybe even a year ago, and I did go through a phase of following the workout DVD quite religiously. But I couldn’t keep it up along with all the other things I was trying to do. Now I’m in a better position and both willing and eager to give my health highest priority.

In light of that, I wanted to show you what she bought me.wpid-20151005_193718.jpg

Now . . . ignore for a second that this guy is ripped and obviously far more into maintaining his appearance than I will ever be. Think instead of what this DVD set actually is. It’s a set of dance videos to which one learns the moves and jigs along. That’s it.

. . . last time I checked, I looooove dancing. There isn’t enough dancing in my life now that I can’t do things like Zumba, Step, Belly Dancing and Salsa (yes, all things I used to do). But this? I can do this in the living room. I can do this whenever I feel like and I don’t need to leave the house to do it. Hell, I don’t even need to pay.

This is the sort of thing that I should be able to fit into my routine quite easily, but I don’t know how yet. Maybe on non-gym days when the boys are at nursery, I can come home and do a bit of this. Maybe first thing in the morning before the rest of the household is up I can do a bit of wiggling and swinging my tush around. I don’t know . . .but, ‘hip-hop’ abs aside, the DVDs are an excellent cardio workout with excellent possibilities for toning the whole body.

Can’t hurt to give it another shot, right?

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