Day Eleven: The Paaaaaaaaaaaaain!

aaargh text pain
Credit: dominiquechappard

Everything hurts. So much!

Oh, my God!

I blame Jit (mostly) since I’ve spent the past two days limping around feeling sore and achy from Tuesday’s workout. Yesterday I forced myself to do a 40 minute routine at home thinking that training my body to expect hardcore muscle workouts would eventually dull the pain . . . I’ll get back to you on if that works.

woman working out siluoette
Credit: GDJ

Meantime, today was another gym day. I’m especially proud of myself today because last night (after a really crappy day) I said ‘Sod it, I’m not going!’ This morning, I woke naturally at 6.49am and wanted nothing more than to go to the gym. So, even though I hadn’t prepared anything the night before or even mentally prepared myself for it, I gathered all my things, hopped on the bike and went.

wpid-20151009_080702.jpgI also took a couple of tips from Jit and increased everything I did today. Elliptical: 40 minutes solid. Weights? An extra two reps per round and an additional 5lbs on everything I lifted. My arms are going to feeeeeeeeeel that tomorrow!

But . . . ! I managed to cycle up that hill again. At speed. It hurt—of course it did—but I got to the top out of puff and sweaty, feeling AMAZING that I’d managed to do it. My thighs were screaming at me, my arms were juddery, but I felt, and still do feel GOOD. I’m light and bright aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ready to get my hair done! Heh, yes, that’s today’s activity and yes, it is a day activity to groom my locs: you have to interlock and twist each one individually.  It will probably take a good four hours in the salon to sort that out, and that’s before (or after?) we do any trimming (or colouring, which I’m planning to do next time).

Oh and I don’t believe I’ve posted a picture of me yet (have I?) so I asked the other half to take one of my ‘post-gym-face.’ There are two versions, you’ll have to tell me which one you think is the actual post-gym-sweat-dripping-and-sore-face. 😉

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