LEAP: Session One

No gym today—childcare clash—but I did some other gubbins yesterday that are well worth mentioning: I went to my first LEAP session.

LEAP is an NHS funded weight management group, I suppose a little like Weight Watchers or Slimming World. wpid-20151007_161607.jpgThey focus on sensible, healthy eating and sports activities while learning about specific things to do with healthy eating: fats, sugars, food labels, snacking, comfort eating . . . the list goes on.

I missed the first week (yes, I am disorganised) but yesterday was the second session and my week one. I weighed in (getting a little tired of standing on scales, but I suppose that’s part of it) and had a highly personalised plan put together by a dietician, designed to facilitate slow and sustainable weight loss.My 'diet' plan It’s actually all pretty simple, but getting together in a group like that, particularly with a bunch of other women who, in my eyes, don’t appear to be overweight, is a really interesting thing. There was one woman in particular who had a figure I’d kill for, but she is unhappy with aspects of her body that I personally find quite attractive.

And that’s the crux of it all, isn’t it? Different people are attracted to different body types and all people hate some part about their bodies. I get the feeling that these sessions are going to be VERY valuable. ^_^

Yesterday our group leader showed us what a pound of fat looks like versus a pound of muscle.

. . . I nearly cried. Seeing it out there, in her hands was probably the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen, because I know I have a hell of a lot of those ugly, slimy, wobbly lumps all over my body. It was an eye opener though: just feeling the weight of it. 1lb isn’t a lot of weight, but like that . . . let’s just say everyone should see this bloody model, because if that doesn’t put you on the healthy eating track, nothing will.

After that we had a session with an (absolutely insane!) fitness trainer named Jit. May I just say, out loud, for all to hear, I love this man. After an hour in his company I ADORE him. He’s tiny, Asian, loud and funny and I’m really looking forward to the next ten weeks where he’ll be taking us through a bunch of different exercises to tone us up and improve our cardiovascular stamina. Soooo much more fun than the gym (though the nurse told me I have ‘really solid muscles’ today when I went for my flu jab . . . so something must be going right!).

I’m not allowed to share much here (privacy is an important part of the group) by my stories and my feelings are what this blog is about, so I’ll write an update every week. This, on top of the gym, and better eating is bound to make some difference to my overall health. It’s got to . . . I mean, look at today’s lunch:


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