Day Ten: Any Excuse!

I think this is the first time I’ve allowed time to pass before writing my round up of the workout session. I figured, I have other priorities and though this blog is fun, it comes after a tonne of other stuff. That meant it got left until stupid o’clock (7.30pm) but, meh, it’s still getting done. Interesting though . . . right?

Today provided categoric proof that if I give myself an excuse, any excuse, I will use it to get out of going to the gym. My workout clothes were still a little damp this morning so I had to wear something else before heading out. It was raining a little and I didn’t want to get wet because I have a nasty cold (*aaaachoooooo!*). My trainers have a hole in and I didn’t want to have wet feet before I got to the gym. I don’t have lights for my bike and didn’t want to ride on the road without them, but the thought of cycling on the pavement just gave me a headache.

The list went on and in.

In the end I (literally) gave myself a slap and forced myself to head out.

wpid-20151005_073919.jpgGlad I did (as I knew I would be), because by the time I was done I was so proud of two rounds of weights as well as the usual treadmill and elliptical run. I even tried something new on the elliptical trainer: lower resistance, higher speed. wpid-20151005_081637.jpgSeems to burn a lot more calories (ish) and get the heart pumping a lot faster. Something must have happened in my legs though, because today is the first day I couldn’t face the cycle back up the hill afterwards. I had to hop off and walk for about 30 seconds before I could keep going.

Yeah . . . it’s only a small hill, but it’s enough when you’re already knackered from 60 mins working out and the thought of returning home to snot-nosed kids who like to wipe said bogies on my sleeves. *sigh* Motherhood is glamorous!

Anyway, the part I enjoyed most today was the weights. One round after the elliptical (which is fixed!!!) and another round after the treadmill. I even enjoyed the stunned looks from some of the lads as I used the overhead press. They didn’t know I was only lifting 10lbs. :p


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2 thoughts on “Day Ten: Any Excuse!

    1. Ooops, completely missed this comment!
      Sorry Maria. You’re right of course, but I’m finding that the more I sit still, the more ill I feel. It was hard going out, but once I was done I really did feel sooooo much better. And now, a couple of days on, I’m sniffle free and lively. I think (in this instance) it was the right thing to do, though I’ll certainly take care not to overdo it on days when I really can’t manage. I’m getting better at that. ^_^


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